Weekend's other Scots football - Updates & Discussion - SPFL, Lowland, Highland, WoS Results


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Theres been a lot of good football played in our league this weekend some entertaining games, crap defences true but managers at least trying to pass it around and play the right way. Good goals, open games and some crazy challenges.


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Dont know why but everytime i see that main stand at fir park it annoys me lol. Half a stand then a big gap


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Blow the whistle ref

4th coupon of the weekend up.

Get in B-D


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I see Motherwell had only 5 players booked today.

Must’ve been told to be on their best behaviour

Square it!

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Alexander is a right whinger. Every game he is hard done by.
It’s a pattern that mcinnes hung his hat on and taken to a new level by TLB then repeated endlessly by his compliant fan boys in the media. The 1-0 game at Ibrox being a classic example.