Wes on Open Goal


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Good listen he was very complimentary about the club.

Said Gerrard told him he didn't like the kind of person he was.

Bit strange he seems like a good guy.

Does he have other business interests perhaps and Gerrard maybe didn't like that his focus wasn't on football as much as it should be.

I'm sure he had some kind of estate agency type business


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It’ll be all over the papers, his comments edited and out of context, and it’ll be headlines as a negative
You just know that with everything going on with the cop in America, it'll be twisted into Gerrard being racist and not liking him for that reason.

Tbh I know myself even the Scottish press aren't stupid enough to go that far.. but at the same time it's scary to think they aren't far off being bold enough to do it as %^*& all seems to get done about the shite they write.


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Wasn’t good enough, that’s not anyone else’s fault.
Wes was more than good enough and wouldn't look out of place in our starting 11

He was just simply unfortunate McGregor is better. That's got nothing to do with Wes ability. Sometimes you just gotta lift your hands up and admit some people are better than you.

Shengus Malengus

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Performances aside, the day he and a host of others cowered in a corner of that restaurant Caffe Parma when some little tarrier arse with a camera was winding them up was the day I lost all faith in them. No fight, no back bone, no Ranger!
Tarriers having been doing that shite for years.
Did you want them to stand up and thump him?
It doesn’t happen and probably never will.
Try and be realistic.


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I haven't watched it yet, do have to say I like Wes though and I'm sad to see him leave. No doubt that McGregor is the better keeper so it's for his own best interest that he moved on.
Was great with the ball at his feet


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Very complimentary to the club, the fans, and big Greegs. If you fast forward to 54 minutes you won’t have to listen to Ferry sound like just another jakey tarrier.
Good luck big Wes. Always thought he conducted himself like a true Ranger during what was obviously a difficult situation.


People criticising him clearly haven’t listened to it. He spoke well throughout and was very loud in his praise for the club and fans. He said the club planned to sell him without him knowing and Gerrard shocked him by saying ‘He wasn’t his type of person’ after initial positive talks. Even after all that he never said a bad word about anyone at the club or Gerrard. Weird people are putting the boot in when they didn’t even listen.


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Just finished it, would highly recommend everyone gives it a watch because it goes into a lot of depth about a lot of things. He is unbelievably complimentary towards the club and acts like a fan. Not sure where anyone is getting any negativity from, it's the complete opposite. Even with the Gerrard comments at the end, it's literally only important enough to warrant 30 seconds of a two hour interview, and there's clearly more to that story in all directions.

Start at 56.40 of the YouTube version to skip to when he starts talking about his time here.


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The man couldn't have been more complementary about our club. So what him and Gerrard didnt get on thats life. All the little silly boys on twitter giving him grief need to get a life and they give the club a bad name. Like Gerrard needs silly wee boys defending him from nothing Wes didnt even say a bad word about him.

Good luck with your career Wes all the best


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Seems like a decent guy. He was ideal back up but not good enough to be our number 1. Concentration levels weren't high enough and IMO a lot of long range shots went by him which i thought he should be saving. Good goalkeeper though and I'm sure he will go to a good level.


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Always liked Wes. Was a brief moment in time I'd thought we'd won a watch with him but being stuck behind some dreadful defences and the return of McGregor saw to it, that it wasn't to be.

I've watched a few of the daft wee videos of fan Q&As with the players on RTV and quite a common theme in them is that Wes gets named as the most intelligent guy in the squad. I also believe he's very focused on his property business on the side. Possible that put Gerrard off of him? Gerrard strikes me as an all in type of guy but he'd maybe do better to remember that not every player he's going to work with is going to be as driven or solely football orientated as he was. Gerrard hasn't really had to plan for a future after football, his career was such that he made a fortune during it and after his management career he could easily dip back into punditry. I don't see any of that in Wes' future.

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Like big Wes always have. Yes shipped a few goals to the beggers but the defence was a shambles. If he's critical that's up to him he's entitled to his opinion. He goes with my best wishes.


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Enjoyed that interview tbh, and didn’t hear anything controversial. Appears to just get on with the job regardless of the manager. Enjoyed the part about Pedro hating O’Halloran - also Ferry saying “he’s a lovely guy but thick as shit”.
For two seasons Wes was one of our better players and probably stopped us from a few more hidings. He could have been more critical of Warburton and Pedro for their tactical faults but just seemed to take it on the chin that every manager is different and will have different focus.
Hope he gets a decent club down south, more than capable of being a number one for a mid-table championship club.


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Wes was a decent keeper for us.
Certainly a step up from Cammy Bell!
He wasn't great - but would any keeper be behind Rob Kiernan and Senderos?

He always gave his best. Never disrespected the club..

Even when he dropped to 2nd choice, he got on with his job.

Yes, he shipped goals against the tramps...........he also got clean sheet last season when McGregor had been a tube.

And, of course, there was that semi-final.

Certainly many more positives than negatives for me.

Been a very quick 5 years!
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A decent enough keeper and I think he'll get a good move. The only downside to it is we aren't getting a fee which we really should've done.

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I liked Wes, but he was not at the standard of a Rangers goalkeeper. If you line him up against the keepers of our recent past then he’s bottom along with Cammy Bell! The saves McGregor has made since his return only show Wes up for being a good keeper not a Rangers keeper. Our standards in this area are high!


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You just know that with everything going on with the cop in America, it'll be twisted into Gerrard being racist and not liking him for that reason.

Tbh I know myself even the Scottish press aren't stupid enough to go that far.. but at the same time it's scary to think they aren't far off being bold enough to do it as %^*& all seems to get done about the shite they write.
No it won’t. He won’t ever drop Tav or Goldson, but wouldn’t play Foderingham because he’s racist?


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What did he say bad about the club?
Half the folk abusing him probably hivny even watched it
Half the people slating him absolutely destroy the club every single week on match threads and various other topics.

Players and staff are allowed to be critical. If they think something isn't right then they should speak out in a reasonable manner, especially when they have left the club.


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So my old man listened to it there and said there’s only one bit he’s critical of the club and it’s because we tried and failed to sell him when McGregor came back?

It’s hilarious the amount of folk who think Wes was in goals in the 5-0 gubbing by Celtic..
Alnwick in the net and Cunmings up top. What a fucking buzz that day still unsure how I stayed the 90


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He doesn’t bad mouth us at all. He literally says he knew we were big but never realised how big, only thing he says is he was unhappy when we didn’t manage to sell him on which is completely understandable. Usual on here just want to batter into players/ex players.


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Apparently quite critical of Gerrard and the club.

Which is a shame as he left with his head high.
He wasn’t bud. Said Gerrard coming was massive as were his standards. His only moan was us not being able to get him a move due to price we wanted which is completely understandable. PS nearly quiz time


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People are quick to throw the Scum games into the equation with WF but they need to remember as well the defence playing in front of him was brutal.
There’s folk slaughtering him and he hasn’t even said anything wrong a strange place but Dalglish gets praised on here


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A bit frustrating we were unable to get a fee.

Wish Wes all the best though, was a decent keeper but not on the same level as McGregor.