Wes on Open Goal


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Met him the day after that defeat at the piggery after we came up. He was more than happy for a chat and decent about it.

Dont think he was good enough when the levels required needed raised, but no hate towards him. Wish him best of luck.

Clay Davis

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Very good with the ball at his feet and might have been more useful than McGregor for the games we have most of the ball as that is a real weakness of McGregor a game. One of the few games Wes played was away to Ross county where we destroyed them in around 40 minutes with Wes being a huge part of that despite not having a Dave to make.

Mcgregor though is a proper match winner and goalkeeper isn’t a position you should rotate so it makes sense he hasn’t played. Goes with well wishes regardless.

Orange Man

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His wages were not likely massive and i would say he covered the outlay.
Mentality wise, mcgreors and goram types are needed.


Clearly the club were only willing to sell at a price over his true valuation, as we were happy to keep him as a solid back-up who wouldn’t let us down when called upon. Unless we got an offer we couldn’t refuse (the value we marketed him at), it would have been pointless and risky selling him for peanuts and replacing him with someone less able if our first choice targets weren’t available at that time.

Anyway, I wish him all the best.


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Thought he did a good job for us with a shocking defence in front of him. Wish him all the best in the future!


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He's correct. Gerrard has his favourites.
Even after Shagger made an absolute cock of himself and got sent off meaning he would serve a two match ban including the match against Celtic. We'd never put a foot wrong yet still got dropped for Shagger to return in goals.
He never got dropped.
He was injured against Kilmarnock.
Andy Firth was the keeper who ended the season.


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The manager had Wes on the bench for nearly two years. Of course that is going to piss a player off. Wes is a good keeper, I can certainly see him moving to a Championship team in England - who knows after that? He conducted himself well at Rangers; he could have forced the issue by requesting a transfer, or fed stories to the press. He did neither.

But I don't think he has that edge required to be a Rangers keeper in a title-winning side. Greegs is not immune to throwing one in at times but he is ten years older (nearly) than Wes and still pulls-off mental saves that Wes just wouldn't make.

Good luck to the lad, he was a massive upgrade for us at the time and hopefully he will go and be first choice at a good club now.


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Wes should have seen more game time - by rotating squad better - Who knows he might have stayed on if so. This would have kept both keepers fresh, training hard, competing and not a massive drop off. I don’t think the modern player can do Thursday - Sunday easily.


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My only memories of Wes are shipping a torrent of goals against the filth. Regardless of the defence a Rangers goalkeeper should give a better account of himself. I won’t miss him.

edit: Still, he was a Ranger in difficult times so wish him all the best.
That's your only memories?


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I have no idea who or what the f uck "Ibrox noise" is, but read this shite from "our own".

Link to the actual article doesn't seem to be working.

It's the 4th story down. Fucking eejit, whoever wrote it.

Ibrox Noise is a lot of shite. It comes up reccomended on my phone all the time but the times I have read it, I hate the twat behind it.


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What’s more disappointing is the Bears online and on here who were only too eager to fall for the media’s shite before even listening to the interview - and there was loads of them.


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So hammerings are stuck in your mind more than 2016 semi final. As I’ve said put McGregor in goals we’d have still shipped the same amount of goals the whole team was a mess
The semi final was a terrific day no question, absolutely monumental however whenever I think of Wes in goal for Rangers “he was brilliant in the semi and the 1-1 game” is quickly followed by
“think about all the doings we got.”

You’re quite right to point out that the whole team
Was a mess as it was. Perhaps my opinion and others are skewed by the dire straits of the time.

Thankfully it’s in the past, the team is stronger, continually refreshed and performing like a Rangers team again. Once concistency clicks that’s it for Rangers and the bad memories will drown in the clubs new successes.

Maybe Wes should have been retained as a No2 for the next season or so with a view to eventually becoming No1. A cup run or two like Alexander used to get measuring his progress.
Undeniably as it stands there is currently no better candidate to be No2 at the club than Wes.

In my opinion, I personally don’t see Wes as the No1 for the club going forward nor do I know who should be post McGregor. As always, happy to be proven wrong for the benefit of Rangers.


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At least stand up line a man and face the person trying to intimidate him. Not just Jim btw, they all say there hiding their faces. Regardless of who you are, you should at least have the balls to stand up and face someone
They’re professional footballers. Abuse rightly or wrongly comes there way they can’t square go some bam in a cafe giving them abuse haha.

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You’re saying they should stand up face them etc. Do you not think players are briefed for these things happening? Your holding that against him which is weird
Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'd rather stand up and tell someone to leave as they're making an arse of themselves. These are the same players we applaud when they put up a fight in the pitch, when it kicks off we want them in about it, but hey they'll have been briefed I suppose