What makes your dad mad watching football?


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Had the old boy round for Gers st Joe's the other night, joyous as ever.

It's like he's stuck in a football timewarp from the 60s and 70s.

His biggest gripe (and i mean genuinely losing the plot about), is the ball not being in the quadrant for a corner, he has no concept of whole of the ball whole of the line, so actually gets out his seat and shouts at the TV, it's spectacular to witness.

You should have seen his face when I tried to explain why the linesmen now late flag as well......

So, anger management issues of my own old man aside, what makes your own da mad watching football?


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My dad cracks up if we aren't winning after 10 minutes.

It's actually a real struggle watching the games with him to be honest, I don't think he means it but it's as if he isn't happy unless he is moaning and being negative.

I can just imagine what he would've been like at half time on Tuesday.

stein and johnston

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When my late dad first took me to Ibrox in the 70s his classic shout from the enclosure was “gie them a baw each”.. I never really understood what it meant. Until it suddenly dawned on me that it must have been because a few players were going for the same ball.
My lad now looks in bemusement at me at the nonsense I shout.


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One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen is during the 5-1 defeat where Senderos did the Anton, was my old man, very drunk and emotional (he’d lost his best pal who he followed us all over with during the week) standing up and launching an epic rant at the telly about how much better we are than them. He finished it off with “AND WE’VE GOT A MUCH BETTER FUCKING PROGRAMME THAN YOU CHUNTS” and I lost the plot laughing.

Cambuslang Bear

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My auld man always go nuts when a ball is not passed in front of a player. When a player has to stop his run or check back he loses the plot. It must run in the family as that gets right on my tits as well


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Another one he comes up with is complete derision at any shot that goes over the bar:

'first thing your taught is keep your weight over the ball'

If anyong range shot doesn't end up in an Albertz or a Gerard the player is written off as shite lol