What strip will you wear for the final?


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This year’s home top. Absolute no brainer. It’s our 150th anniversary, our 150th anniversary top and the team will be wearing it in the final. Next season’s orange top fine for the day before or day after.


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I bought the Dutch Orange top for Gios debut game and we put out Sparta Prague.

I've wore it for every European game since then and here we are, so I'll be wearing it again Wednesday.

You're welcome.


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Out of interest, what do you plan on wearing that you think you won't sweat yer knackers off? :))

Haha plain white t shirt won’t look quite as embarrassing in pics. Could go top off but nobody wants to see that and I don’t fancy sunburnt shoulders.

Going to be some sights on the flights home on thurs/ Friday


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Thought about a retro top but I think the more recent shirts will be more suited to the heat that we will experience on Wednesday!

Malakai Blue

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Last year's retro top.
The one we wore against St Mirren in the cup (shudder)

It may have been unlucky for the team wearing it but it's been lucky when Ive wore it


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I haven’t worn a football top watching Rangers for years. In the father in laws house next week, I’ll be wearing the charcoal grey 150th heritage polo shirt I just bought. Smart top, has the crest on it and is smart enough to wear out and about.

I’ll have my Rangers scarf on, sombrero and some Union flags decorated on me, as well as the house top to toe in Union flags.

Might as well try and bring some of the Seville atmosphere into the house, hopefully it will help us will the team on to victory!

Gio 8

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Gallant Pioneers top. Yet to lose when I’ve wore it watching us. That’s including today when we played a bunch of teenagers away to the 3rd best team in the country.


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I will be in the house - but it will be the blue Retro top that debuted against St Mirren in the League Cup 17 months or so ago. Yup, we lost that night but I got my shirt two days later. It debuted for me in the come-from-behind win against Motherwell at Ibrox and I wore it for every game for the remainder of that season as we went unbeaten in the League. It served me well for the Dortmund, Braga and RB Leipzig games so I'm sticking with it for the Final.

Love it. My daughter bought me the black away one last season with her own money. Unbeaten in the league. Watched every game with it on when i got it. Some times three wears to a wash just in case if a big game schedule. Plenty of complaints but lockdowns helped.

Can’t wear it watching a game again as it’s the 55 top.

Think I’ll go Hateleys 92/93.


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72 CWC replica I bought from the store in the mid 90s.
They used to do a few replica kits then, I also bought the 1980 Scottish Cup final replica too at the time.
They have the nice little stitched on labels with the year on the front at the bottom.
Both still fit me at a stretch lol


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Last seasons home kit, never lost a game wearing it (touch wood). This seasons is cursed for me. Wore it to Hibs at Hampden and it’s last and final outing was the Ibrox defeat to them.


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The same training top I had on when we beat Dortmund, Red Star, Braga, Leipzig and the poets in the Scottish Cup.


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I’m not normally superstitious but for every knockout tie I’ve watched it in the house wearing this seasons home top. I won’t be changing that for the final


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Not wearing a Rangers top but will be in royal blue to the football for the first time in about 15 years :D


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Last years home 55 Champions top.

I really wanted to pick up this years home top to wear to Seville, however, In 2008 I specifically bought the home top just to wear to the Ibrox beam back and we lost - refusing to do the same this time around :D

I’m not even at all superstitious outside of football btw
Glad I won’t be the only one with the 55 top on!


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I’m not normally superstitious but for every knockout tie I’ve watched it in the house wearing this seasons home top. I won’t be changing that for the final

Good point actually, never thought of that - I'm the same.

Home top it is.