What we expecting today at the press conference?


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Press conference will be due soon.

SG was raging the other night and rightly so.

Given time to reflect I wonder what his mood will be like and will he then call out the team or players.

Would be good to see him call out the racism again on Alfie but I'd dont expect him to call out the refs.

Player wise it should be the captain telling the world he is leading the team out the form they are in


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I hate to coin a Gary Neville-ism - but we need a Winston Churchill, yet we’re more likely to get an Ian Duncan Smith.

I expect more ‘we’ll learn’ and ‘we’ll regroup’ and nothing hard hitting and not a word about the referees.


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Gerrard to be asked stupid questions by the journalists that he clesrly cant be bothered with and give them contemptible answers.

We won't get anything of note, as usual.


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Determination to not let the current 'trend' continue, don't expect anything on decisions going against us but reckon journos will ask about the 'alleged' racism as they put it. I also think they'll ask him about potentially having another trophy-less season. Expect something to be said about continued progress but still not continuous form especially after the winter break


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Be the same again “players are hurting, wanting to prove a point” Actions speak louder than words for me. We need a real performance this weekend.


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Wonder what player will accompany him.

I used to call it the ‘Big Jig gig’.

Lee was always the go to guy when we needed some patronising, vacuous bullshit.

‘We’ve let the manager down, we’ve let the fans down, we’ve let ourselves down’
‘We are working hard to get it right’
‘We will show a reaction’

This is usually followed by another pathetic performance by 11 empty jerseys but don’t fret because big Lee will be back in the papers next week to tell you how many folk have been let down and how hard the players are working to put it right.


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"Players have shown hunger and desire to right the wrongs"

"Looking for a reaction"

Usual manager stuff. Nothing worth beating the manager up with. Press conferences rarely stray away from the normal stuff. Only really worthwhile for player updates if someone has came ou with an injury or if Barisic is making Saturday.


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What we want to hear and what we get are 2 completely different things. I want him to come out and say the players were not good enough on the night, I made mistakes and should have changed it earlier and the refereeing performance was even worse than ours.

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We owe it to our fantastic support. We just need to focus on our next game. We will keep believing and not give up. The players need to prove they are good enough to keep their places in the team.
Then we will field pretty much the same team and off we go again.

blue barney

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A damning attack on the referees decisions that have cost us so many points this year, deprived us of a trophy and topping the table


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We need a reaction.

7 points behind after tomorrow on equal games played isn't a total disaster, as bad as the last few weeks have been.

I expect to see a lot of passion, anger and fire from the manager and hopefully that carries on to the squad.

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There's utter Moon Howlers in our support forgetting where we've came from though since 2012
At what point do we stop using that as an excuse? We’ve got the second biggest budget in the league by far.

I keep seeing people say we’re so far behind Celtic because they have a bigger budget yet we’ve capitulated against teams who’s budget is way less than ours.

Fans need to stop with the “look how far we’ve come mantra” as a basis of arguments against pathetic results

Jose Calypso

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To the people saying it’ll be the same old pish.

That’s just every football managers press conference. It’s almost the same for every manager every week. It’s the same questions and answers just said in different ways.

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
See the respect has gone for him already.

Deary deary me.
Surely you can’t expect everyone to lick his arse after completely capitulating inside 3 weeks and letting another shocker of a refereeing display go without a so much as a whimper, in fact his post match comments gave Beaton and the FA a free pass.