What's the best goal you've seen live?

Cryuff in 73 against us.
Lubanski for Gornick against us.
The "Made In England Goal"
Coops Hampden free kick.

Although this will probably change in the morning.
Non all Rangers goals it’s probably Rooney’s overhead kick against Man City. We were behind the goal, amazing to see it live.
Confused as to whether this means live on the telly or in person. One of the youngsters mentions Aguero v QPR, he'd have been about 5 and doesnt sound like he's from Manchester.
Mine was Tugay scoring a belter from a outside the box against Dunfermline when i was 11 and it wowed me :D

One of those live goals that as a wee guy was just unbelievable.
I was sat right behind that. Belter of a goal.

Best I’ve seen live is between Tav against Peterhead or Negri v Dundee Utd.
Probably Chic Charnley's long range effort for Hibs against Alloa from his own half.
My mate is a season ticket holder and we were heading out that night in Edinburgh so he got the tickets.
Shame too as I think the camera men were on strike so no recordings.
Konterman v Smelltic, League Cup semi.
This was my first thought. An absolute gem of a strike. And then you add what it meant to us, to him and to them (watching one of our most ridiculed players deliver an utterly fantastic GIRUY moment).
Probably Rod Wallace v Dortmund, tiki-taka before that was even a thing. Also Paolo Vanoli v Dundee.

Against us, the first to come to mind is Tam McManus for Hibs at Ibrox, the way I remember it he volleyed it from the touch line about 25 yards out.
Marco negri against Dundee United, chipped it over the defender's head then lobbed the keeper. I was right behind the goal aswel.
There’s been a few in recent memory.

Our two goals against PSV last year were top class.

The finish from Sima and the breakaway Matondo goal with a beauty of an assist from Dessers.

Also, I hate to say it, but I was at a League Cup game at the Piggery and Maloney scored against Klos from what felt like about 45 yards with no back lift.
McFadden against Holland, I thought the place was gonna implode! Sure I was 14 at the time and just blew my mind
For Rangers: Cooper free kick against Aberdeen at Hampden

Against Rangers: An absolute thunderbastard by Klaus Augenthaler for Bayern Munich at Ibrox.
Me too. I was in the Rangers end and the ball was in the net before the THUD from Coopers boot reached us. It was the first time I had ever experienced the speed of sound.
This for me, unbelievable noise when Cooper hit it and the ball hit the back of the net
Wilkins v the beggars.

Also shout out to Gazzas goal v the beggars, hughes hits out crossbar and we break and gazza scores with a header.
Brian McBride, in Columbus Crew's first ever game (1996). The goal came direct from the keeper's punt and never hit the ground until it was in the DC Utd. net. I was sitting right in line, behind his shot. 0:33 into this video:
Kanchelskis against the pars. I was almost in line with it. Technique of the volley is textbook and hits the side netting. Outrageous.

McCoist overhead kick seconds after coming on in the cup final v Hibs.
Augenthaler's goal was amazing but Coisty's goal just reinforced that his bollocks were indeed solid gold.
R9 scoring for Barca v Santiago Di Compostella, one of three he scored that day, where he slalom's past what seemed like 5 tackles and 3 assaults.
As he peels away the camera goes to Bobby Robson and he's standing there arms outstretched giving it 'wtf have I just witnessed', the entire crowd (about 9000 of us) thought exactly the same, standing ovation all round!
Confused as to whether this means live on the telly or in person. One of the youngsters mentions Aguero v QPR, he'd have been about 5 and doesnt sound like he's from Manchester.
Literally made no sense that answer. He obviously wasn’t at the game and it’s obviously not anywhere near one of the greatest goals of all time :D
Pedro Mendes vs Celtic. Was right behind the goals at the segregation between the fans. Knew it was in as soon as he hit it. Cleanest strike of a football I’ll ever see.

Honourable mentions to Bougherra vs Dundee United. Freezing cold night. Boyd scored 5. Bougherra is my memory of the game though. Outrageous goal for a CB.

Kris Boyd against Partick Thistle another one. First time volley on his weak foot. Absolute peach.
Mark Hateley's, first against Aberdeen in the 90/91 league decider.

I got the perfect view of it from my spot in the old enclosure and I know it sounds daft, but it was as if everything went into slow motion as I watched
the height he leapt, the way he changed his body position in mid air and the power he got on it, before it hit the back of the net and Ibrox erupted.

Before that day, I think Hateley was finding life tough at Rangers and the fans hadn't really taken to him, but that goal, I believe, was the catalyst for everything he went on to achieve at Rangers. A fantastic goal from a fantastic player.
Joe Aribos goal in the Braga game - maybe not the best goal ever but it was the best goal my young son had seen in real life and we jumped about accordingly
personally Bert Konterman 2002 - all day long - recall it was hit so pure, eyesight was much better then, viewing from the other end of Hampden !
I have 2 based on games I was physically at:

For the goal alone - Kovacic v Liverpool 02/01/22

For what it meant - Lundstram v Leipzig 05/05/22