What's the best goal you've seen live?

I always say either Cooper at Hamden v Aberdeen or Ray Wilkins in the 4-4 scum game - Actual quality of strikes as opposed to importance or celebration.

Was also at Hampden to see Zidane's effort against Leverkusen.
Aribo against Braga was an outstanding solo goal against a very good opposition so would take my vote.

In terms of goals scored against us. Tam McManus’ volley against us in 2003 was a wonder strike that no one say coming (still won the game 5-2).
John Greig’s goal against Italy 1965, still a goal of beauty, goal keeper out to Baxter, and from there two passes, Greig, Goal! 1 nil FT. I was in the mhanky end reasonably high up on the ash terracing, and you could see the move unfolding, then hysteria of joy!
Seen some brilliant Rangers goals.

Was at Chelsea Barca where Essien and Iniesta scored belters.

Dalglish v Spain.

Sammy Lee v City from about 40 yards

Gers ones

A few Albetz
Several Laudrup
Couple by Negri
Ferguson at Love St
Gazza several
Jelavic and Lovenkrands over heads
Tav free kicks and volley
De Boer a few

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I always resonate to this one, I was young and my big sisters boyfriend at the time (now husband) took me to this game and I was buzzing.

My hero scored a screamer and I was in the Copland, when it hit the net I got launched :))

I always resonate to this one, I was young and my big sisters boyfriend at the time (now husband) took me to this game and I was buzzing.

My hero scored a screamer and I was in the Copland, when it hit the net I got launched :))

What a night that was - my first ever Champions League game. Hadn’t been in it for a few seasons so Ibrox was absolutely rocking.

This match is on my Mount Rushmore of great games/atmospheres I’ve been to at Ibrox (alongside Dunfermline 2003, Edu winner vs Celtic game 2010, Leipzig 2022).
Quite a few and there’s been some decent ones recently.

Jack v Hearts cup final for instance.
Matondo v the mentally challengeds.

Jamie Ness v the mentally challengeds just shades it (memory is shite tbf)
Very few games or good goals to pick from for me so the best goal I've probably seen live at Ibrox would be Simas first goal in the 4-0 Hibs last season.

Be absolutely astounded if anyone else picks that one!

Elsewhere, Kinkladze at maine road against Southampton the season we got relegated in mid 90s was sensational.

Etihad...Elano free kick against Newcastle. Miles out and remember sitting pretty much dead in line with the trajectory of the ball. Knew it was hitting the postage stamp of the top corner as soon as he hit it.

Away from home Jon Macken for Preston against us at Deepdale, took it on half turn under pressure and lamped it in from near halfway line. Stunning. And a goal way beyond the usual capabilities of him so even more shocking!
when Souness had just been announced our last game of the season was an away game at Pittodrie and we needed a result to ensure European qualification and the bears had filled out the Beach end as per usual , anyway Ted McMinn picks the ball up on halfway line just in front of the dug outs and starts off on a mazy run beating 3-4 Aberdeen players gets to the edge of the box and rifles it past Jim Leighton into the top corner ...

you had to be there to see it , well you actually had to as TV cameramen were on strike and no highlights exist of the above goal
Charlie Adams (assisted by Hutton) against Stuttgart in the CL.

Novo in the otherwise dire Cup Final against Falkirk, straight from a throw-in.

(Didn't have a ST for very long, so limited window to answer this one!)
Best team goal I think was Rod Wallace ver Dortmund - seemed almost every player touched it in build up.
John Greig circa 1975/76 in a sectional league cup tie with Motherwell. Ended 2-2, long range shot from The Legend.
Albertz v the rats at Ibrox in the 3-1 New Year game was unreal. The power and accuracy on it.

Non Rangers would be a Werder Bremen v Hannover game I was at about 10 years ago. Sakai for Hannover screamed a 30 yarder in off the bar.
Konterman at Hampden against the mentally challengeds. Not only an absolute rocket but sheer shock value at the same time.
Durie's volley in his hat-trick final v hearts .If a recall correctly it was at the end of good possession and a good passing move,with a great pass from God thrown in for good measure.