What's your favourite football kit ever?

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Other than Rangers, I'd say Milan 92/93, Inter 08/09, Juve away 95/96 are my favourites. Oh, and Napoli 88.

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Most of the 90’s Rangers ones are belters. Only really the Admiral one I’m not too keen on.


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Rangers, Adidas 92/93 for me. I've always preferred Adidas to any other kit manufacturer, so I'm biased, but us getting an Adidas kit for me signalled an upgrade, we were the only Scottish club made by Adidas at that time and in that era it felt like they were mainly associating themselves with top clubs. It was a stunning kit too, and the return of the red and black socks which as a 10 year old I was learning for the first time was a big part of our tradition.

The upgrade was then reflected on the field with our treble the next season and us going toe to toe with Europe's best on our legendary Champions' League run. Super Ally winning the Golden Boot, Hateley not far off him, and Goram arguably the best keeper in the world that season. I feel like that was the season that kicked the 9iar era into a new phase, leading to Laudrup, Gazza and the wonderful times that followed. Not saying it was the kit that did it, but I always think that a great kit can make a difference around the margins of a squad's identity and performance.


Non Rangers would be this years Real top



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Very difficult.
Rangers 86
Rangers 97/98
Germany 90
France 86
Scotland 82
Denmark 86
Rangers 94/96
Italy 82
Liverpool 82
Juve away 91/92
Germany 86
AC Milan 88
Ipswich 83/84
Forest 79/80
Columbia red away 90

probably loads more. The first one that popped into my head was Rangers 86, souness.


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It’s too easy to just pick a Rangers shirt. My favourite Rangers shirt is the 92-94 home. The red v-neck makes it stand out from other Adidas Equipment lots of that era which mainly had the same colour of neck as the jersey. I W ould be interested to see how well loved it is among non-Rangers supporting kit enthusiasts.

My favourite non-Rangers would be the early 90s Sampdoria kit (Kappa, ERG) along with the West Germany top from Italia 90.

I also loved the no-frills foreign kits made by companies either unknown or hard to find companies. Milan, Napoli, Barcelona, Brazil, Madrid etc made by Enerre, Kappa, Meyba, Kelme, Penalty. Far better than the boring templates put out by the big names these days.