When King asked us to boycott?


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When Graeme Souness came into the quintessential Louden and told supporters that he was making the unbelievably difficult decision in giving up the seat that his grandfather sat in , all who were in that night understood it was time to follow suit...


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Two of my best mates decided to keep their seats due to not knowing who or what to believe as it was a confusing time.
This was a very good point and one often overlooked. We had been force fed so much crap by so many people it was hard to know what the truth actually was. I have no issue at all with people who kept their seats.
Similarly, I have huge respect for the bears who did boycott, especially those who had their seats for many years, it wasn’t an easy decision


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The only ones I have a gripe with are the handful who jumped straight in and nabbed boycotters seats doing folk out of where they had sat for years.

They would be the only ones Id suggest were a tad selfish though i dont care that I had to move
And boasted about it on social media which I found sickening to be honest

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A very confusing time for all. My son and I changed our minds umpteen times. By the time we decided to renew our seats in the EE they were gone. We then bought 2 for the Govan Rear and have been there ever since. I often wonder who had the 2 seats and whether they were part of the boycott. When we sat in them for the first time I wondered if we would be approached and told we were scabs:(

All joking aside it was a horrible time in our illustrious history and there was no right or wrong. Lets make sure it never happens again Bears!!


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There were some at the time who quite brazenly viewed it as an opportunity to get a better seat in the stadium unfortunately.

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I kept my seat - have since moved seats to get ones together with my sons, right enough.

I didn’t hear a convincing enough argument, that I could genuinely trust, to make me give up my season ticket and pay game by game.