When you see a captain's armband - what's the first name that pops into your head?


Greg Docherty. His display off the pitch in ballymena is everything a Rangers captain should be. It is more than on the park. Gough, Butcher, Greig and Barry were / are 24/7 rangers captains and it's about dignity, pride, passion as well as humility. Of course you need to deliver on the park but this is more than 90 minutes. What Docherty did was fantastic, not many people would have done that. It seems to be natural to him and that is important. Hope he grows as a footballer, and I recognise he must.

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When were Captains Armbands introduced?

I answered earlier that when I thought of Captains the name and image that came to mind was John Greig. However, I also put that Richard Gough was the Captain that the armband reminded me of.

Captains' Armbands, as far as I can remember, were not a common thing for most of Greig's time as a player but may have appeared right at the end of his career.
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