When you were scoring goals in the back garden as a kid , which Rangers player/s were you ?


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As a youngster, a wee fat version of Brian Laudrup.

Now a big fat version of Brian Laudrup when I'm having a kick about with the Dogs over the field.


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I was always just me, however I was being set up by Coisty or Cooper, unless of course I went on a mazey run beating 8 of the scum players before rifling it into the top corner.

My commentary during play kept the neighbours behind entertained, they were good bears.

Truffle Shuffle

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Gascoigne Euro 96, lobbing the ball over one closeline, then the other then rifling a volley under the garden bench. Perfected that move the amount of times I did it.
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Strathbungo Bear

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Davie Cooper but if I am going to be honest I was quite often Kenny Dalglish, though in my defence I only ever remember him from Liverpool and Scotland. Later on I would provide a running commentary informing my opponents that I was Mo Johnson, though this was done purely to wind up tarriers. It hurt them.


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I had a ridiculous strike on me when I was younger so I was always the hammer
When I was playing I based my game on gascoigne, shorts rolled over, predator boots I tried to be him but I was never fit enough


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Albertz, whacking it as hard as I could. Although I have to admit I mainly imagined myself being Shevchenko in the San Siro