Where Are They Now? - Gregor Stevens


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I can't remember if it was his debut for us but my recollection is his first game at Ibrox he played the ball into row A or row Z every time it came near him. Although just a kid myself I'd never seen any Rangers player that nervous, on edge, or limited.

It never got that much better over his Rangers career and I'm still none the wiser if he was careful, rubbish or nuts.

Ali Baba

See him at least once a week collecting his grandkid from same school as my wee one.Know his son as well.He’s a decent lad also.Unrecognisable today.


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Well as a player very ordinary, he wasn’t so much a hard man more just dirty. Greig Forsyth shearer and the hardest of them all Harold Davis could all play a bit as well.
As a bloke really nice pretty quiet.


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Used to see him in the Torrance Inn a lot back in the 80's always came across as a decent Guy .

Harthill Bill

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Gregor was a seriously sick individual on the park and an absolutely gentleman off it.

Davie MacKinnon was cut from the same cloth.

Harthill Bill

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Gahagan's different class when he describes playing with Gregor Stevens.

Easily the funniest guy on the after-dinner circuit.


Killie player was called Albert Morrison. The injury basically ended his career, he ended up playing junior.
I was at that match as well. Stevens hit the boy Morrison high up on his shin. Straight red card, up the tunnel, and Greig didn’t look the road he was on.
Morrison played junior with Auchinleck Talbot after being reinstated.