Where are they now? Mark Yardley


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Yardley and Lavety. That was a heavyweight front two.
Lavety was still playing in the Paisley and District amateur league about 6-7 years ago. He was bigger than Yardley is in that Albion Rovers photo.

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Found the onion bag a lot more often than guys half his size. There was a big fat bastard who played for our school team, couldn’t run the length of himself but was deadly in the 18 yard box. Always got picked.

Big Yardley had his limitations but achieved far more in football than everyone commenting in here.


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An absolute wànker of a man.

One abiding memory of him was routinely smashing youth players who were training with the St Mirren first team at Quariers village.

Took great delight in landing an elbow into your face as you went for a header, as a 15 year old almost knocked out you would hear him say something really funny like " phone the polis this boys heading is murder"