Which goal was better? A Davie Cooper special

Better goal?

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Yesterday's vote was between 2 spectacular goals from the brilliant left foot of Jorg Albertz. Today, the goals were scored by a left foot that I would argue was even better. The late, great Davie Cooper.
His free kick goal in the 1987 League Cup final against Aberdeen is iconic, but there were 2 other League Cup free kicks every bit as incredible, and here they are.

Free kick 1 is from 1985, the Ibrox second leg of the semi final against Hibs. We were 2-0 down from the first leg, and Rangers got back in the tie thanks to this thunderous free kick. Unfortunately it was the only goal on the night, so we lost on aggregate.

Free kick 2 is from 1978, the last 16 Ibrox first leg against St Mirren. We were 2-0 down early in the second half, holders Rangers looked in big trouble. The fightback was started by this Cooper free kick exocet. We won 3-2 on the night and ended up retaining the trophy.

2 free kicks by a genius. 2 goalkeepers without a hope. Both scored by a Rangers legend.
But which goal was better?

Another one-off video comparing the goals created by @Rangers Archive Footage



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Said it for years, that strike v Hibs is the best free kick Coop scored.

His ability to strike the ball with that much pace, venom, curl and accuracy is absolutely astounding.


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I went for his goal against the Trainspotters. Didn’t make the game as the old man was working away from home but can remember watching it on tv and being frustrated beyond belief that the second goal was so elusive.

A particular memory which sticks in the mind was Arthur Montford’s excellent description of the goal (unfortunately chopped in the clip):

‘Hibs pay a severe penalty for the free kick. Twenty yards out. Top corner. Bang. One nothing.’

The amount of times that Alan Rough stood rooted to the spot as balls flew past him into the net was frightening. This was another one. Saying that, you could’ve had two ‘keepers (not Alan Roughs I hasten to add) in the goal and neither would’ve got near it.

Coop at his explosive best. Magnificent.
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I’ll go for the Hibs one but I agree that Aberdeen in the Skol cup final beats both. I remember Leighton claiming he got a hand to it. Only on the way back out.


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St Mirren for me.

Was it not a heavier ball back in 78? I remember kicking the old style balls back in the 70’s playing for the BB and it was torture at times. The ball has developed since then and is easier to power. Or am I talking nostalgic nonsense?