Which goal was better - Albertz vs Ferguson

Albertz or Ferguson?

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Thinking about big and important free kick goals now. The Albertz one is one of my top 5 Rangers goals ever, I suspect more may vote for Ferguson because it was a cup final but you really can’t understate the importance of Albertz’s contribution that day given it was 9IAR season with a lot of big players missing that game due to flu (ironically).



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The Hammer’s strike is one of my all time favourites.
look at the length of his run up:eek:
To beat the keeper with sheer power and accuracy with such a tiny target area to aim at means he shaded it for me.
However, Barry didn’t score many goals, and not many like this one!


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Albertz got the first in an important win.. Ferguson’s was a key goal in a Cup Final victory... its Ferguson for me.


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Barry changed the momentum of the entire club with that goal.

Folk around me had sat down at 2-1 giving up after Balde scored.

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Tough decision. I went for Albertz due the technical excellence, precision and power of the strike. The second best free kick goal I have ever seen only bettered by Davy Cooper's stunning effort against the sheepies.


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Ferguson quite easily for me.

That day is one of the best of my life, never mind just at football. We were all over them at that point in the game and couldnt get through. That goal dragged us back into it and ultimately led us to go on and win it. They had horsed us in the league that year but winning the Cup led us into the summer celebrating and propelled us to an unlikely treble the next season. Amazing moment to be a Bear.


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Albertz for the quality.of the strike and the power.

Ferguson's for the significance of the goal (I know albertz was extremely significant as well)


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Watching how far out Albertz is, ge has no right to score from there. Power. I long for the day we can have another player of this calibre. Can't finish Ferguson's goal in any way. A classic any day of the week. It sometimes saddens me to look at these, then come to reality of what we have now.


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Really good poll OP...the only thing is missing is a 3rd option: Both!

I found it very tough to decide as the 2 players are probably my favourite Gers players.

I went with Barry’s as it was my first Derby game & I got a ticket outside the stadium an hour before KO. I was 20 yrs old & I had some night out in Glasgow after it.

Great memories that I’ll cherish forever.


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Albertz for me.
We were still partying at a flat in Burnbank when the goals came on GMTV morning news.
I miss those evening kick offs! :))