Which goal was better - Albertz vs Ferguson

Albertz or Ferguson?

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No contest for me Albertz wins hands down, in all my years of watching football I don't think I have ever seen a ball hit harder with such precision, it went in like a fkn exocet.


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Ferguson goal for me. Was right behind it in the stand. As soon as it left his foot you knew it was in

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Albertz. I remember the feeling that everyone knew exactly what he was going to do. He did it and it still could not be stopped. You have to love that 20 yard run up as well. Just to make sure there was no doubt about what we was going to do!

Fair play to Barry though - and i was pretty much in line with the shot that day.


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Fergie was close and it’s a great free kick but how often do you see anything like The Hammer’s effort?


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So hard to choose. But for me the fact Fergie just hit the post with a free kick not long before his goal made the one he scored even better.

Plus that game is the best I have ever been to and one of the best days of my life, so I have to choose Ferguson goal.


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Albertz for me. Goes keeper side and still beats the keeper with sheer power and accuracy. The Ferguson one is a beauty but the goalkeeper sells the entire side of the goal.


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Was at both games. Both strikes were sensational. The Ferguson one was in the better game and a class goal and I probably went more mental to it but the Albertz was a OMG moment and slightly better as distance and angle against him.


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Albertz for me, you will struggle to see a better hit ball even now

Fergusons was fantastic and I was there but still think albertz' was the better goal


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Lucky there was a net,as Albertz's free kick would have made a mess of someone . Ferguson's goal was a peach,did he not smack the post with a shot also?


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Two fantastic hits. But - and in no way denigrating it - lots of players down the years have been able to stick away free kicks like Fergie's. Not every game, not every season, but we've seen a lot of free kicks like that.

However, hitting a free kick the way Albertz could was a god given talent. Look how far out it is. Look at the run up. Look at where the scum's keeper is. And yet he fucking leathered it that hard that it was just unstoppable.

Albertz for me on this occasion.