Which goal was better? Bougherra v Whittaker

Bougherra or Whittaker?

  • Bougherra

    Votes: 116 40.0%
  • Whittaker

    Votes: 174 60.0%

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I actually think Bougherra's was the better goal, the gravitas of Whittaker's make it a more memorable goal.


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Regardless of the opinion held about Whittaker, his goal is obviously better in every context.


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Jardines goal in the Dryburgh Cup was better than both those goals,iirc the tarriers had a corner and he carried box to box then finished with aplomb
We would be talking about that goal no end if Davie Cooper hadn't trumped it that day.
Three cracking goals but MacDonald's seemed somewhat ordinary compared to Jardine's and Jardine's - hardly worth discussing compared to Coop's.


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Whittakers for me. Had such a cool head and could actually see in his actions, weighing up his options and making the opposition defenders make a choice before he decided the best course of action. Pretty sure I was at the game where boogie scored and can remember whittakers goal much more than boogies. Tbh, I'd forgotten all about boogies till I opened thread. Whittakers will remain with me for as long as I've still got my marbles
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I’d forgotten all about Bougherra’s solo run. Great goal too so perhaps I’d forgotten because it was the last in a rout.

Whittaker’s was so much more important.


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Leaving aside the personality (or otherwise) of the individual players - Whittaker's was the better and more significant goal. On that basis I voted for Bougherra.

Naw - gave it to Whittaker despite all natural instincts to do otherwise :(


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Whittaker for me.
Regardless of how you feel about him now it sealed a famous away victory in Europe that will always be remembered.


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Two great goals. More memorable is Whittaker being quite the Euro run. Just remember thinking pass you p***k! Bougherra was an interesting character and great player for us.


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Whittaker for me - wins the ball to start the move and scores an away goal in Europe... context is everything for 2 similar goals.


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One great goal was the 7th in a home game stroll against mediocrity. The other stunning effort was a vital European away goal, at a crucial time, against quality opposition and of huge importance and significance.

Whittaker is a bit of a thicko and a prick, no question, but neither is it in doubt which goal was better.


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Whittakers without question.

Bougherras was the 85th minute when we were 6-1 up against a team who had chucked it.

Whittakers was in a european knock out game which was still in the balance. No question which was the better goal.


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Bougherra is the better goal, not taking importance of the goal into it or the level of opposition - absolute powerhouse who provided some great moments


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Great goal from Bougherra but this is no contest for me - despite what I think of the guy now, Whittaker's goal is one of our greatest of all time IMO.

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Not much in it, the 2008 uefa cup run was a very emotional time for me so every result, goal, game of it means so much.

But Whittaker’s a prick so vote for Bougherra.

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Just the tip...

Truth is Sporting were knackered and there was barely a single proper challenge on the Grinch as he went through. I don’t think that’s me being clouded by what a massive cünt he is either.