Which goal was better? Bougherra v Whittaker

Bougherra or Whittaker?

  • Bougherra

    Votes: 116 40.0%
  • Whittaker

    Votes: 174 60.0%

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Whittaker's for me.Like others I was screaming,"Pass it,pass it,pass the ball, ffs pass the fecking ball man,whit a goal":))


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Whittaker. Voted for it because it was a more significant goal for us, but also the finish into the narrow gap between their Keeper and the corner was superb.

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Whittaker but voted Bougherra. %^*& Whittaker.

Bougherra's goal is technically better too, something magical about a center half just going %^*& this and charging up the park but in terms of importance Whittaker has it and it's not a bad goal itself either.


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The game at Ibrox against Utd was massive
We were cruising until Miller got sent off they pull one back and we are right under the cosh till the 4th goal goes in !


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The composure to to that in the dying second of a European Quarter Final, yes I know if Lisbon had scored it wouldn't have changed much in teams or qualifying but it was some composure, and his dummy as if he is passing to Cousin was great.


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I’ve went for Whittaker, will always remember the shouts of ‘encouragement‘ for him to pass it :D


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Great memories of that run to Manchester. That was the only away leg we didn't watch in the State Bar, cant remember why not, but we were all crammed into my mates wee flat.

Pass it! Pass it! Gie him it! Play him in! Fuckin pass th - naw shoot! Shoot! Finish it! YYYYAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Whittaker’s goal was pretty irrelevant in the tie.

It was the 90th minute and Sporting already needed 2 goals before he scored.


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Whittaker every day of the week. Obviously he’s cut his ties since then but the sheer joy that goal brought compared to bougherra’s should be enough to see it win comfortably.

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It was same game.

Incredible 2 fantastic solo goals in the same game.
Sandy’s would have won this if there was footage of the complete run. The only footage I’ve seen is attached and it’s only the tail end. Also has Davie Coopers masterpiece too. I had the good fortune of being at Hampden that day and our third goal, John MacDonalds, was a great goal too.

On the poll, it’s Boogie for me.

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