Which goal was better? Doddie v Hateley

Better goal?

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  • Mark

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Nice wee move and controlled header by Hateley.

Doddies movement along with the direction generated clinches it for me though.


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Hateley's is one of my favourite header goals. To control a header like that is world class imo.


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Doddie for me. Just due to the gravity of the game. Big Mark's technique was incredible but still Doddie just due to circumstances


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Harley for me only because I was at that game .

I was at the game as well but went for Doddie.

Did we ever get a dry day at Tynecastle?

I went there for the first time in over 20 years for that recent rotten cup game and it was still pissing down :))


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Doddie for me. One of my favourite players and one of my favourite goals.
Back row of the old North Stand that day but landed about 5 rows further forward when that one hit the net.
Happy days


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Think if you take sentiment out of it Hately is the clear choice. Lobs the keeper with a header from the edge of the box. Doddie scores from 8 yards out. Great build up play from Hately too.