Which goal was better? Hateley v Laudrup

The better headed goal?

  • Hateley

    Votes: 135 64.0%
  • Laudrup

    Votes: 76 36.0%

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I went for Hateley. Gods header was shear class, just like the man himself, but v sheep in a title decider at Ibrox, that’s when the real men stood up. That header broke the sheep, and lead to Gods being relevant.


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Always remember listening to Aberdeen game on the radio wi the old man. I was only 9 at the time and it was the first time I can remember him being really nervous about anything. We were jumping about the house going mental when that header went in.

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Plumped for Laudrup just because a header of such quality was almost expected from Hateley, whereas that header from Laudrup was once in a lifetime stuff. There's also what that goal meant to the club.


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I think Laudrup's goal was probably the more significant as it meant 9iar - also extra points as headed goals from Laudrup were rare.

Hateley's header is in the awesome category in terms of it's execution and the power and direction he gets on it. This nicks it for me.


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It's Hateley's and it's not even close for me.

Laudrup's is a cracking header but look at what Hateley has to do for his - Outjump one of the best centre backs in the country, arch his body backwards and still find the direction and power to put it in the top corner away from the keeper.

It is a phenomenal header. Possibly the best from a Rangers player in my lifetime


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Ignoring the significance of both goals makes it relatively easy.

Hateley's goal is a fabulous cross and brilliant header.

Laudrup's goal, although a decent cross and finish is nowhete near as impressive.


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I think that was the only header that Laudrup scored for Rangers. For that reason alone he gets my vote. We didn’t think he could head a ball up until then.


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I’m going for Hateley because:
  • That match was like a cup final, it was them or us winning the title that day and his goal gave Rangers an effective 2 goal cushion.
  • It put the lid on him turning the support in his favour. Make no mistake about it, Hateley struggled in that first season (a lot of it justified) and the boo boys had it in for him
  • McLeish was no mug and getting the yard or space & the height on him was technically a difficult task
  • In terms of importance of winning that day... it kept the title run going, it bolstered Walter Smith’s credentials (again, many didn’t fancy him for manager at all to start with), it made Hateley as a Rangers player


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Love these polls by the way - a great opportunity to let the mind wander into football & Rangers for a while and remember the circumstances around goals.

It’s amazing how much you do remember about Rangers games from a period of your life. My teens were spent watching Rangers NIAR run and I’m happy to have very clear memories of it - a time before job, family and being an adult kind of gets in the way!


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I went for Laudrup (just) due to the significance of the occasion, it is a big milestone in our history and a cracking header.

Hateley's header is a belter, he endeared himself to the fans that day, it was huge for us to win that game. I remember getting the back of the hand of the guy next to me across my face when he jumped up. Tears of joy mixed with tears of pain.


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Where would the fun be if it was easy? :))
Aye right enough - I’ll go for Hateley’s header then. I was actually an usher at my uncle’s (and also massive bear) wedding. I had a transistor radio in the inside of my jacket pocket to keep tabs on the game for everyone.

Cool story bro, but that’s my obscure reason for picking one over the other :D


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Hate to vote against Laudrup but for me Hateley's was the better goal.
And DJ's against Wales was the best headed goal I've ever seen by any player.


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Went for Hateley.

Laudrup clinched 9 in a row but without Hateley's header there may never have been 9 in a row.

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Hateley for me , think it also gave him the confidence to kick on from there - if memory serves me correct he wasnt exactly tearing trees up at the time - and become the player he did with us


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Tough one but Hateley for me . Last game of the season was it not and so critical to the game and winning the championship. Whilst the 9 in a row goal was historical there were more games after it could have been clinched too . My memory though might be totally wrong .


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Hateley scored a cracking header against hearts at Ibrox into the Copland road in the 90’s, swear it was harder than some shots are hit.
Opening day of 93/94 season

THAT header is at 3.50, but start at 3.35 because the previous header v Hearts is every bit as good and shows just brilliant in the air he was.