Which tactics do you see being implemented to hinder our season?

Calico Jack

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Humza and his curbing of sectarian fans.

To be implemented before the league starts, if he gets his way.

This must be one, fashioned with us in the cross hairs.

A preemptive, strategic punishment aimed at us, coming at the first sniff of anti Irish bigotry. Before being tucked neatly away for our visits to the Glitterdome.

Nacho Novo

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10 men at the back as usual and get countered Aberdeen style or last game of the season points deduction to drop us into second place because of this 2011 UEFA licence rubbish.

Nothing can surprise me anymore. Not even a naked Susan Aitken chaining herself to the Ibrox goalpost to call off a game.


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I honestly can’t see how any tactic can be employed to stop the way we played at the tail end of last season. Fast one touch forward passing through the middle with plenty of movement and creativity and pressing in packs when we don’t have the ball. Even 4-5-1 against us will not hold back wave after wave of attack. My only fear is a combo of bad refereeing and the opposition being allowed to kick us off the park.