Who’s starting to get the battle fever on?


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Arrive in Glasgow in about 90 min, tunes on while we change, food, pub for a few pints then up the PRW. Absolutely buzzing!


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Off work just now and stuck in the house with a busted knee, day is dragging in. Might put some European nights of old on YouTube to pass the time


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Honestly, it's not hit me yet.
I'm usually like a kid a Christmas counting the sleeps.

I anticipate it might hit hard at 6pm when I go for the bus.


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In work till 5pm then have to get through the M8 rush hour traffic which was a joke last night. Once I'm in the door the butterflies will kick in I'm sure.


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Yip, starting to get up for it now, roll on finish at 430 for the mad dash to get ready and get through to Ibrox and fit some beers in!


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I'm up for this. Can see another famous euro night. Players have something to prove after the recent shambles in the league.


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I've been depressed about it since the hearts game. Then the killie game finished me.

Dragged myself along at the weekend but the whole half empty stadium, rotten weather and football was hard to stomach. I'll go tonight but honestly not looking forward to it, hopefully once I'm on the subway the excitement will kick in.


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Getting there. Counting down to 5pm then its straight to the pub for beers and scran then subway to Ibrox. Love a European night.


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Lost my phone,bank card and driving licence last night.Spent most of the day sorting it out grinding my teeth! Just about to finish graft and will be heading to the Veterans club for it,feeling excited :))


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I'd planned to head through for a pint at 17.30 but seeing this thread has sped things up. Cant wait now. 1615 train here I come


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Been buzzing all day for the match. Can't wait!! So proud of the team bringing us European football in late February


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Absolutely buzzing for tonight . Gutted I’m not going now. Let’s fucking do this rangers !!!!!!!!


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Games I went to on my last time off of work. Stranraer, St Mirren & Ross County all of which were meh!

I can confirm I’m very excited for this one! First Europe away game next week as well. Hopefully be heading over with something to play for!