Who are the filth going to sell now

Big Buff

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They’ll likely get another left back then move on Ntcham so McGregor can get regular time in midfield.

I’m surprised how little people rate Ntcham, he’s a dangerous player for me and one of their biggest assets - but only when he’s in the mood.
Ntcham was rotten pretty much all of last season, and also took some pretty bad injuries that a lot of people have forgotten about. Only played 16 games in the league.
Would be great if it was Forrest or McGregor. Forrest preferably, he is by far their best player. But I reckon they would be up with pitch forks and torches if that were to happen given the Tierney sale and last night's fiasco.

Realistically it has to be ntcham or rogic. Ntcham has been uber crap for them and wouldn't be a loss. Really can't see them flogging eduord.


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Sinclair has no value at 32-33 years old. He's the highest paid player at the knew camp and doesnt get a game.

I can't see them doing much else, maybe get rid of one of the centre halfs.
He’s only 30 but I can’t see them getting more than £2-3m for him with the EPL/Champ window closed.


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The Tierney cash will cover it, but it will severely curtail any more transfers they maybe wanted.

It was the same last year with Dembele but they are rapidly running out of hugely saleable assets to cover their on field CL failures.


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Thats £40m in transfer income wiped out in 2 years.

£10m worth of defenders on the bench last night that I assume they can't even trust.

I reckon they will go for freebies between now and the rest of the window and attempt a big name loan to appease the hordes.


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I don't think they'll sell anyone, or buy anyone after the loss of revenue last night.

However if they do sell on, no club will be looking at the fees they would have previously due to knowing celtic have lost out on the money from last night.

If anything it's just a shame it didn't happen before the English window closed as Arsenal wouldn't have paid as much had it been now.
Could just be me but i cant see them selling anymore tbh, i think they will take the LB from killie as a stop gap and possibly add another RB. They seem hopful that Griffiths is gonna help fill the striker void but we all know what happens when pressure gets to him ;)


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I don’t think there is much chance of them selling anyone. That Eduoard but even then will they get the £9m back they paid? Doubtful.

Rogic is always injured.
Sinclair is past it
Ntcham has half arsed his way through the last year and a half so they’d be lucky to get their £4.5k back.

No danger would Forrest be interested in Russia.

They are fucked and they know it.


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Tierney and McGregor changed agents to the same new agent. McGregor by all accounts was absolutely desperate to be away with England being the preferred choice. Him and Lennon have a very toxic relationship. If he stays, its either cause he cant find a club he wants to go to or because he knows lennon is toast.
Think this is a load of shite, if McGregor wanted away he'd be at Leicester.

Big Buff

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Agreed but that doesn’t mean he isnt one of their most dangerous players.
Well, it does.

He hasn't had a good game for them in over a year now. Remember last year when he took the huff and got himself sent off deliberately?

Who's paying big money for that guy?


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Ntcham is one who appears to want out is he not?
I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to the likes of Marseille for ten million(Scottish press price)

They’ll probably get about six million in reality.
Personally I’d rather he stayed as he’s likely to down tools again and it stops them buying someone else.

Travis Bickle

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The press before this game were punting Forrest to some Russian mob they would not have been reporting that unless liewell had ordered them to get the black propaganda going .
Think selling forrest is one step to far they would be in the carpark , surely Liewell would not have the nerve to punt him ? or would he ?
They need money


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Ntcham doesn't want to be there, hopefully he sits tight and does a Bobo!

Not sure they will move anyone on, the Teirney money will have saved them this year. More likely to stop them bringing players in


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I’d think that after last night all bets are off and anyone can leave if an acceptable bid is received.

A £57 Million pound wage bill needs to be reduced and with no CL money for 2 and maybe 3 years not coming they will have to start moving some of those players on.


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AIK actually look a better team than Cluj it’s a real possibility that the yahoos might not have any group stage football this season.

If that’s the case I would expect Ntcham & Rogic to get punted at minimum. They will try and hold onto Forrest but might cash in late in the window if they can’t move others on first.


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Looks like, whether they sell or not, the tarriers will DEMAND they spend a large chunk of Tierney's transfer fee, otherwise anarchy will ensue.
I hope it's the latter.
Snake hips fee is nothing like we think it is, if you believe that Arsenal have handed over 25
Looks like, whether they sell or not, the tarriers will DEMAND they spend a large chunk of Tierney's transfer fee, otherwise anarchy will ensue.
I hope it's the latter.
If you think Arsenal handed over 25 Million for snake hips who is a walking Croc then you will believe anything, this deal will be split up so that so much will be up front until he plays a certain amount of games, I would imagine it may be a couple of seasons before they even get what's been offered and it's no way the amount they are saying