Who is grabbing the trophy immediately after Tav lifts it?


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I have pictures in my head of afredo running about the pitch with the trophy with the team chasing him to get a shot of the cup :))
Three yard head-start, crowd scrambling, Alfie's Union Flag hat blown off by the wind, white champions shirt basically see-through due to the champagne, big ol' cheezer on his face as he looks back to the onrushing crowd.

Yep, we all have the same picture in our minds.


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Id like to see it being the gaffer tbh hes been the revolution but traditionally managers go last. I think goldson will be after tav given that hes the vice captain but morelos will be amazing to watch, hes actually off his heed


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I was thinking that Goldson would be next in line, however from what I have seen of him I could imagine him making sure everybody else has had a good hold before he lifts it.


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Couldn't give two hoots - every Rangers' hero deserves to!

Just delighted it won't be any of the Septic Mhob!


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I reckon Alfie will want to lift it last. And then he’ll probably keep it a bit longer than the rest.


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They'll all get their hands on it, including the management team, and some of the dafter basturts will provide entertainment. The order doesn't really matter.

I wish there could be 50k mental Bears in there with them.