Who was your Rangers hero as a wean?

Grigo Yossarian

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Albertz seemed like an actual superhero to me, we couldn't not win if he was playing.

Special mention for Gio and Numan as well.

Apologies to Tony Vidmar and Claudio:D Reyna, I dismissed them back then not realising how good they actually were.
I loved Claudio Reyna.

My favourite ever Rangers midfield - Reyna, Ferguson, Gio & Albertz :D


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I was born in 81,so it was around Souness latter years that my dad really started taken me to the games,so because my friends and cousins all loved Super and with me being a right odd wi lady's front bottom I always wanted to be Trevor Steven,loved that guy as a player.


As Dirty Harry used to say, "A good man knows his limitations".

I'm shit at football, but when I was a kid I was fast over short distances and fairly physical. Jaws (Tam Forsyth for the kids) was my role model.


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Willie Henderson firstly, later Willie Johnston

Is this a stealth 'spot the old tw4ts' thread?
It’s certainly got that aspect as a bonus!

I find it interesting to see the different eras, I’m 40 so it was the 80s Super Ally for me, I know all about the older players from the 60s and 70s because of my Dad, however I then feel old when I hear the younger bears say it was Gio and Numan!


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Cooper and McCoist. When I first seen Davie Cooper play, watching on TV I was hooked. That was it for me. An absolute gem of a footballer.


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We’ll say up to age 12, who was your Rangers hero?

And following on from something discussed in another thread, for those who have young kids now, who is their favourite player from the current squad? I’m keen to find out who the current hero is for younger bears.

When I was a kid? No brainer really, it was Super Ally (though it would later become Laudrup). Lucky to have to grown up when McCoist was doing his thing, the following gif more of less sums up the almost unimaginable Roy of the rovers type career he had.

Remember watching that in my room and jumping that high when that went in I went right through my cabin bed on landing!

Swiftly repaired with a sheet o chipboard by my dad with the words “I’ll no tell ur mum son don’t worry “:))