Who was your Rangers hero as a wean?

Baxter for me (incomparable for talent... and confidence), then John Greig (always full of heart)
Years later, my boy's was Gio Van Bronckhurst, then Bazza.


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We’ll say up to age 12, who was your Rangers hero?

And following on from something discussed in another thread, for those who have young kids now, who is their favourite player from the current squad? I’m keen to find out who the current hero is for younger bears.

When I was a kid? No brainer really, it was Super Ally (though it would later become Laudrup). Lucky to have to grown up when McCoist was doing his thing, the following gif more of less sums up the almost unimaginable Roy of the rovers type career he had.

My hero was super cooper as you can tell from my user name.
When he played for Motherwell, me and my my mates got complimentary tickets from St Mirren via our school (we lived in Paisley).
I had seen coops in the 3 skol cup finals against the the sheep.
Anyway,I seen coops when I was at the St Mirren v Motherwell game and the genius was taking a corner and I shouted ‘hawl cooper how you doing’ he shouted back ‘brilliant wee man’
He took the corner,I’m not sure if they scored but I wasn’t giving a %^*& the genius had spoke to me,I was made up.


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Super Ally.

Used to watch both his videos constantly when I was wee. Loved the man. Still do to an extent but I’m certainly more conflicted about it these days sadly.

Mearns Ranger

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OK, my first hero was Cooper when I was about 8-9, but pretty soon it became Super Ally.

The guy scored nearly every week for about 7 or 8 years. He was a phenomenal goalscorer, and an amazing loveable personality.

Funnily enough though, I could tell you my hero throughout all my years supporting us.

85-87 Cooper
87-94 McCoist
94 - Laudrup
95-97 Gazza
98-00 Albertz
00-03 Ferguson
04 Arteta(but barely anyone that year)
05 Prso and Novo
06-08 Probably Boyd & Hutton
08-10 Miller & Bougherra(hero used loosely here for Miller)
11-12 Naismith and latterly Aluko
12 onwards - John Brown

Now I don't really have one in the current team. Probably Ryan Jack, but I find when I do get to the games I always find myself in awe of Tav. He always looks good on TV(when he plays well) but at Ibrox I just think I see him in a different light. He's an absolute animal and offers up and down that right wing for 90 minutes. A supreme athlete and specimen. Absolutely love the guy. Come to think of it, aye, he's probably my hero now!

Wade Wilson

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Super for me.

I admired your famous few, but no one came close to McCoist for me

I'll also add I'll never admire a manager more than Walter Smith. Definition of class

Although Stevie G is on his way
DJ was the first, then it was Bobby Russell for a bit (I had a number 8 sewn onto the back of my Rangers top), and finally Cooper (I used to play wallie in the back lane using just my left foot so that I could become better with it and in the end often played left wing - even though I was mainly a right winger - for the BB and school).