Who would you prefer to win the league cup ?

Who would you prefer to win the league cup ?

  • Hibs

    Votes: 9 1.0%
  • StJohnstone

    Votes: 304 32.9%
  • Livingston

    Votes: 583 63.1%
  • StMirren

    Votes: 63 6.8%

  • Total voters


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A repeat of the 2004 final would be fun.
Edit: just realised that's brown in the thumbnail haha gimp.
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Mason Boyne

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I had to say Hibs, purely because my 2 grandsons are Hibs fans. The older one plays with their academy team and the wee one loves the Andy Halliday song.


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Definitely not the Leith Junkie scum.

Definitely not the Paisley Junkie scum

not the mini sheep because of Cosgrove and O’Halloran

just leaves Ferranti Thistle


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In general I don’t really care as we got pumped out, and so did the filth.

Of the 4 left Hibs are the only ones I really don’t like so anyone but them


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Difficult one, but, even though they are not as ridden as the other two, the Keanes and the scumbag programme writer or the lowlife Cosgrove - both horrible clubs.

Hopefully spoon burners go to extra time and knocked out on penalties, knackering them for Wednesday.


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Livi to give my home town a wee lift. Not that i like any of the teams but I'm glad they also took points off the scum.


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Livingston or St.Jonhstone. There are too many players to dislike on that St.Mirren team.

I think the Final is on February 28th. If so, we are scheduled to play Livingston that weekend, a few days after the Antwerp 2nd leg.

And the st boo manager is lightyears away from rooting for us.

essex bear

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Going against the grain here but hope Livi win fcuk all , still can't believe he rested most of his first team v the scum.
He had four days to prepare ffs.

Madjid Moments

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I hope both semi finals and final are 0-0 draws, then the same through all 3 extra times.

Ideally every penalty missed too bar 1 in each match.


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Never Hibs after 2016.

St Midden riddled with tarriers as always.

Livingston drag the quality of the game here down with that abomination of a pitch.

Can’t really think of any grudge against St Johnstone other than that fanny Cosgrove supports them.