Why cant scotland produce a world class player?

Archibald Leitch

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Third world organisation at grass roots.
I was in Germany 45 years ago and the organisational level they had at boys level would put us to shame even now.
Everything was honed to development and making every player be the best they can be.
Back then, we had youth teams who'd win European tourneys, but we'd fail after that to be technically proficient at a higher level. I'd suggest this is largely still the case.

Brother Crockett

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Do countries like Uruguay , Chile , Wales have world class structures ? Admin and support ? No , but they have still produced world class players , because no matter if you have the best system in place in the world , world class players are born gifted , it’s no taught.

Yes it might make decent players better , but the players at the very top would have made it wherever they came from.
So by numbers, where are the Chinese superstars?

I’m not sure what the standard of coaching is like or the standard of facilities, but if they are good, then it’s about engagement. Get kids playing longer/older Get girls playing, get a culture of sports for all ages and both genders.

If families can develop this culture, maybe they can play indoor 6 a side rather than eating shite while watching shite on TV.

But shite pitches, in shite weather with limited playing time is not a way to compete with the choices kids now have.

Loud and proud

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Scotland struggle to produce players who are good let alone world class, most Scottish players seem to reach the level of bang average and then struggle to develop their game above that.
It's no coincidence Scottish players are very rarely picked up by teams from the top leagues abroad.


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I think it has something to do with such a small league set-up. We used to produce world class players before we reduced our top league to just 10 teams. Also, our young players do not playing against top young players outside Scotland enough. Wales, a much smaller country, can produce world class players. However, in football terms Wales is really part of England. Welsh youth players are regularly coming up against top talent from Chelsea, Man Utd etc.

Big Red

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On last nights showing I hope Setlpric sign McKenna, if he’s our best then we’ll never qualify for tournaments


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Whether we like it or not we are never producing "World class" players here in Scotland, our players will need to leave Scotland at a young age if they have any chance. Andy Robertson I wouldn t say is a World class full back, a very good player. Next player who looks to have a chance is Billy Gilmour


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Many reasons, but one not yet covered is the tendency to spunk time and money on projects that in no way benefits the game. I give you the compliance officer and the whole charade surrounding the role and process.


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I see signs of it changing, but a massive problem was the culture of coaching players to be physical, at the expense of skill/technique. How many times do you hear a boy being told he is “too wee” to make it?

Teach a boy how to play the game first and worry about his physical attributes later. You can’t do it the other way around.


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Me either. Very good player, but far from world class.
Andy Robertson was named in the EPL Team of the Season and Champions League Squad of the Season as the ONLY out and out Left Back.

So it begs the question, who is the World Class LB being kept out the CL Squad of the Season by the very good but not as good as the World Class left back that UEFA and PL bosses seem to have overlooked?

We talk here about why we don't produce WC players but the Scottish nay-saying mindset is also a massive negative. We see a guy who has went from Amateur to CL winner, captaining his National Team within 6 years and some, not all, are poo-pooing his achievements, partly because he's a Tim and partly because they know square root of zero about football.

Our young players need to understand that if they have ambition, self-belief, hard work and determination then the sky's the limit for them, and all of us!

Commit to the mindset of the top footballers and with a slice of luck, you can make the grade too!

Blastie Bear

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XBox and Playstation mixed with crap weather doesn't help your average pre puberty lad.
Then the fanny doesn't help your post puberty lad.


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There is a grass pitch near my house thats used for sunday games, and during the summer when the kids should be out playing, its neglected and the grass gets to shin height and they take the goal posts away. Not that this is the main reason, but I think its disgraceful

Prod Wallace

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Personally I think the two things missing from our better players that could elevate them to a higher level is.

Decision making

We are still light years behind other nations in producing players that can make effective decisions under pressure. And as importantly have an awareness of what is going on in the pitch around them.

Our players can only pass pretty much in the direction they are facing. Only run in straight lines effectively and can only seem to use the runs of players in front of them.

It's an overall lack of awareness for me that really is the root of our problems.

Robertson I feel is close, as he has show at a high level he can effect the game and has a handle on the game around him.

Weird though, that consistently in the goalie position we have produced players who I believe could well be considered word class, on purely individual ability.

Jimmy the Gent

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Robertson is tremendous, but not world class, not a chance.

The argument that there are few better left backs playing, doesn’t automatically make him world class.

Thinking of genuine world class full backs of yesteryear, Maldini, Brehme, Lahm , Carlos etc, Robertson is a level below that.


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We are less than a month removed from a Scottish player, playing in and winning the CL and being a key member of the team who won it.

If you take a step back and asses Robertson the football player for what he is - he is living in a world of world class football players.

As an aside I think we also overlook how small a country we actually are in the grand scheme of things - the likes of ROI and Norther Ireland, and plenty other countries of similar size don't have World Class players.

I appreciate there are examples of countries of similar size or smaller do but to become a "world class" football player means being better at football than fucken millions of people around the world, loads and loads of millions of people.


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That’s not true. As a coach of grassroots team, there are many points which can be improved but I’ll list some things I think are pertinent.

1. Refereeing is rubbish at every level.
2. We are so partisan that long term development is sacrificed in the name of winning.
3. Our love of alcohol.
4. Our horrific diet.

There will be a plethora of other reasons but personal self belief and positivity is so important if you want to make anything of your life.

The Scots used to lead the world, now we are a nation of moaners.

Lack of facilities with councils selling land off.
Games consoles, kids sit on the sofa playing FIFA instead.
Good coaches at all levels
Cost of renting pitches keeps going up

I'm sure there are more.


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The Dominic Oduwa situation crystallises why Scotland struggle.

Trying to injure him was encouraged, allowed and condoned by all, just because he tried to show a bit of flair and a bit of ability on the ball.

It’s a backwards mentality and it always has been.

El Bow

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Think as a country we’ve got a brutal combination of things that work against producing world class talent in any sport: terrible weather, bevvy culture, diet, poor facilities, etc.

The biggest issue is the collective mentality where glorifying failure is acceptable (think William Wallace or any national team qualification campaign on the past 20 years) and it’s ok to vilify people who achieve success or have talent (think Morelos).


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the league is too small in scotland therefore the managers in the leagues tend to take less chances with players or tactics because they fear for their jobs. that is my honest opinion. up until 19/20 our players are on par with other european nations.

it’s when they move to first team football their development stalls with old school hammer thrower tactics and a fear of losing.

could argue the other end teams like us & celtic are less likely to give youngsters a proper run of games because we HAVE to win every game. it shows with celtic that they have been able to bring through tierney, mcgregor and forrest while we have been in the lower leagues.

chosen few

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On the Robertson point , I think he is a very good player , but I think that a lot of it is down to his coach and the system Liverpool employ , is it a coincidence that the other full back looks like a world beater as well is it just luck ? Robertson would have a very good career wherever he played , but I doubt he would be as good elsewhere , churlish I know but he is not the second coming as some would have him .but he is by some distance the best Scottish player by a long distance , as to why we don't have any world class players I think it's down to hard work and dedication to getting better, players in say Belgium are not born with more talent than their Scottish counterparts, we no longer excel at anything our education system has collapsed into accepting mediocrity and excellence is not promoted ,we have a hive mentality where the best are held back by those less capable , children have different skill sets instead of trying to find these skills and honing them we cannot treat every child as if they are going to be a brain surgeon or the next Eusebio this ideology is holding back whatever talent we do have , sorry for the rant but it boils my piss.


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Said already in the other related thread;

Shite footballing quality - promoting thuggery and long ball
Shite managers at SPFL level - outwith us anyway
Shite coaches at SPFL level - again outwith us
Shite governing body - hate us and wanted the biggest club to die
Shite refereeing standard - too main taigs to ref a game fairly and see point 1 re thuggery, you get sent off for blowing kisses but not a 2 footed off the ground tackle

There's legitimately 1 coach across Scotland that is at that 'Elite' level, Beale, and he won't ever be allowed his say on the Scottish game.

As for world class, Robertsons the only one in that category as he would walk into top level club right now, his stock extremely high right now.
The next potential one to come through will be Billy Gilmour assuming Chelsea don't %^*& him out on loan 71837 times to nobodies.