Why did Tav get the pen away?


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For this reason alone, Tav should never ever take another penalty. Let someone else take the responsibility.

If ever there was a time for Tav to go 'i've missed a few, but I'm confident' it was now.


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For those asking why he handed it over, maybe he was trying to be a captain trying to support his team mate before he had to step up.

This is completely not what we should be focusing on today and the least of our concerns.


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If he'd taken it and missed I wouldn't have thought any less of him. The same when Ferguson took the first penalty in Florence.

Don't really know what to think at the moment. It's important that the team as a whole is resilient as a result like that puts us in serious danger of collapsing. I am not convinced that the squad is mentally strong enough.


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He hasn't been scoring them.
If Alfie scores it gets him up for scoring another.
It gets rid of the Alfie can't score against Celtic.
It increases Alfies value.

Made complete sense. All your asking is for our star striker to score from 12 yards.


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Tav should have took it, scored and it would have shut up that prick Mutton.


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Tav would have missed it imo.

Penalty aside we should have seen this mob out the door.

Expect a similiar game at the Glitterbowl,


Even if he wasn't confident, he had to step up and take that for me - was a clear sign of weakness.

Has Morelos ever even took a penalty for us?
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