Why Do The Puddle drinker's Not Like Arfields Celebration


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Arfield hasn’t thought that much about the salute, whether it be a British Army or Navy one or whatever.

He started it after he scored for us in Villarreal. The Bears were miles up in the top tier at La Madrigal and he did the sign to look up as if to say “I can see you” to us. That has since become the Arfield salute :))


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They had him down as a "Boyhood Celtic Fan", kills them to see how much he enjoys being one of the good guys and sticking the boot into the tarrier bastards!

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I've always loved that line in that song, it's perfect to encapsulate the bravery and resilience of the British serviceman, in our understated way. Steady boys, steady.
The preceding line is better tbf
"We always are ready" ;)

Went down the youtube rabbit hole and was watchinf the field gun runs at the Royal tournament. Used to go with my dad and watch Portsmouth practice. Great memories and a shame they stopped it


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Heard this a few times now.

I've no idea. Lol
Do you actually give a f-:k !
It’s a fabulous celebration and I can guarantee that our Military service personnel past and present Love it as I and probably every other Bear on the planet does.