Will we make another signing?


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Does anyone think our business is finished in the transfer window? Theres been no rumours of any players since we've signed barker and I was wondering if anyone has any info or heard any rumours lately?


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I would be surprised if we don’t pick up a left back somewhere along the way. It looks like Gerrard doesn’t think Barisic is good enough. Hard to believe therefore that he thinks that 60 games of some combo of Barisic/ Halliday / Flanagan is really what he wants.

I still think we will end up with Kent too.


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I think we will go for another striker. hard to say what kind of quality with the two we have though.

I still think Sturridge is a possibility especially if we make the EL group stages.

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Still wouldn’t be surprised to get Kent.

There are also a few strong hints that at least one more is in the pipeline. Gerrard himself has suggested it. And our scouts are still being noticed at games around Europe. Now I guess the latter is literally their job but it does feel like we are still looking.

Even accepting that the Aribo deal is a lot more than the advertised transfer fee, our outlay this summer has not been great. We need to get back on a more even keel financially and this may be part of it but it does feel like there should be some money to spend.

Other factors may also be involved. If we got a couple of million for Barisic or (somehow) for Grezda then you’d think it could be reinvested. As could projected earnings if we make it through to the Europa league.

I think at least one more will come in other than Kent. In that Kent will come if he can or not if Liverpool refuse but that doesn’t change the one (other) addition. However the nature of that addition may be dependent on us getting some bonus cash either from Europa or from the sale of a surplus player.


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I’d love to see Kent back but I don’t think it will happen. Will be like wladamir Weiss again


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If we get Kent then that's a lot of players for the same position(s)
Murphy and grezda still on the books too.

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Depends on UEL qualification and if we can shift Barisic I think. If we get UEL I can Kent joining on a loan to buy and if we sell Barisic a left back coming in.


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Come on King get the cheque book out and deliver us 55 this season, that mob are there for the taking


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Read there we've been linked with a rb called di placeido been capped once for argentina and supposedly would only cost 1m as he's in the final year of his contract