Work at Edmiston House - good to see the progress


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Well nothing we can do until January the 1st and likely won’t until 1st of June, so the least we can do is continue other projects.
Good to hear OP
Not that I want the club to tell us when windows go in but as a gifted stakeholder of sorts the club and communications is awful on just about every aspect of our club
It was stationary for such a long time, i was pleasantly surprised.


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Believe it was deemed the size of a 1st class stamp.

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Glad to see things are progressing well after a period where not a lot happened. Went past today and the large windows are going in.

Any idea when it’s due to be completed now?
Any pictures of the progress for those that don't possess a crystal ball


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Just as a matter of interest how does it compare to the size of the old Edmiston house? It used to be a venue for bands and stuff too wasn’t it?

To my eye it looks very similar in size

It will be great to have such an asset at the stadium again. The museum and shop being there will generate income but also having a sports bar where the old shop will be tremendous. I hope it will be like a sports cafe through the week which will also generate interest and income. Could adorn the walls with memorabilia


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I'm really excited about it, such an opportunity to do something well. However, I know this club and have a feeling about how it's going to go. The pints will be unbelievably expensive, the playlist will be Andy Cameron's greatest hits and Marvin Andrews will be dragged out to talk over a distorted PA system every so often.


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All the folk objecting are listed there as well, their letters of objection are a joke.

All the “I’m a home owner” pish, “all the noise” etc, where did they think they were buying the house, on Eaglesham Moor or somewhere like that. Ffs the football stadium has been there for over 130 years.
They the Residents are the Incomers, Not Rangers FC, if they don’t like it, MOVE!