World Cup Commentators/Pundits - Let’s slag them off


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Martin Keown with the classic overused phrase "you couldn't write this script" when Poland missed the penalty.

A player missing a penalty, eh yeah I reckon I could write that.


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All that's needed is a good commentator, i.e. a professional broadcaster who prepares properly and knows his stuff.

All these ex-players talking rubbish, trying to be funny or being snide is not required and takes from the coverage of matches.

The game is football but the gig is broadcasting and most of the ex-player co-commentators and pundits are not good broadcasters.


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Argentina v Saudi. Into added on time and the Saudi keeper poleaxes his defender, near on taking his head off courtesy of his knee. Defenders on the floor sparked out. Sam Matterface, ITV’s commentator says, ‘Saudi player down in the box with Saudi using every trick in the book to use up these minutes’. Had to back track very quickly when it became apparent what had occurred.


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Hartson gets the gig as a sympathy vote cos he’s got a big dent in his dome. Man is an absolute cabbage. Surprised he’s no mentioned ra shellick yet. Dion Dublin can’t even speak right. You would need a protective visor on your face to stop being drenched and sprayed with slabbers sitting across from him.
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Every single thread relating to a live football match on here, the pundits and analysts get slagged rotten. Be it EPL, CL, SPFL etc etc. But mention them during an England game and you're "seething" and "bitter". It can be a strange wee place, FF.

Square it!

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If only all games were done by Jon Champion & Ally. Some of them are dreadful.

For example, listening to Vicky Sparkes and Pat Nevin on Five Live just now.

Caught them in the car, had to turn it off after 4 or 5 minutes.


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This is the lass on now, Dad used to be a coach and her brother was at Preston for a while:

Quite surprised he is at a side as high as Vitesse Arnhem now:

Cant stand her. At one point the cameras panned on Lothar Mateus and she never said a word, obviously hadnt a clue who he was.


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Ally is the only one on co comms that sounds as though he wants to be there. It seems like a chore for most of them. Hartson was either drunk, hungover or forgot to take his medication earlier.
Sutton on 5 live is chronic.
BBC just now Pearce and Murphy both terrible.


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Ally is the only one on co comms that sounds as though he wants to be there. It seems like a chore for most of them. Hartson was either drunk, hungover or forgot to take his medication earlier.
Sutton on 5 live is chronic.
BBC just now Pearce and Murphy both terrible.
I player kept buffering again ( was OK in the hour or so between games switched to FOX not sure of commentary team but much better than the UK


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The woman on 5Iive commentary puts me right off listening. Pat Nevin alongside makes it worse.
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A mate of mine.....
The standard is genuinely dreadful.

Hartson doesn't know the rules (which isn't surprising given some of his comments made in Celtic's European games).

Is that Mark Lawrenson on now? Boring old miserable twat.
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The Shadow

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Reddy is excellent, she has written for the Athletic and the Independent and also wrote an acclaimed book on Klopp’s Liverpool.

She certainly knows her football and is very tidy - what more could you want?

Dating Sadio Mane as well.
So we agree, she’s a box ticker.

Talks a lot of shite, it’s all ‘passion’ ‘psychological’ emotional shit she goes on about.

Probably hasn’t got a clue about the offside rule.



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I’m just glad that gloomy know it all bastard Hinchcliffe isn’t involved. That would be too much.


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Hartson - are there no other Welshmen around? Surely to f**k there's someone with just a semblance of coherent thought, knowledge of the rules and who doesn't have a hole the size of the Watford gap in his nut?

Micah Richards - seems a likeable person, but if I wanted to see a black man tell jokes I'd head over to Netflix and watch Dave Chapelle. Surely he has more to offer than uncontrollable laughter?

Laura Woods - excellent presenter.

Eni Aluko - race-baiting horror show.

Souness - Magnificent bastard!

McCoist - loves football and it comes through in his commentary.

Shearer - As dull as dishwasher.

Jenas - As dull as Shearer's dishwasher.


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I have to slag them all off for their hypocrisy by taking 'blood money' by commentating and analysing on the Qatari World Cup. Especially under the Qatari government's abuse of human rights, treatment of migrant workers, homophobic, misogynistic laws and views and more.

I have to say that includes criticising heroes of mine such as McCoist and Souness. To be honest, I must admit I am to blame for some hypocrisy here by watching some of the matches and thereby listening to them including Souey and Ally but at least I am not getting paid. However, that does not stop me wrestling with my conscience though because I haven't missed watching a World Cup since 1962. It's like being a football drug or alcoholic addict.
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I don’t mind Roy Keane slagging off all and sundry but tend to watch matches with the commentary muted.


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Though Hartson had fell asleep at the start of Morocco v Croatia.
Unfortunately seems to have woke up !! :oops:

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So far, the worst have been Dion Dublin and Hartson. That girl from BBC is a pain the arse as well, she constantly brings the conversation back to her and what she has done before.

Dion Dublin was just mental, he just talked some amount of shit and then tried to diagnose every injury that happened in the game.

Hartson is just clueless. He literally is just thick. He doesn't know the players names, keeps calling the linesman Lino, doesn't understand any rule that's been introduced in the last 10 years. Doesn't remember what conversation he has been having with his co-commentator. Its embarrassing.
Dublin would be better sticking to homes under the hammer ..and he knows fuk all about property ..thought I was hearing thing's when fartson mentioned the lino he thinking of homes under the hammer and doing some lino in his kitchen ..fud

millsy der goalie

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Hartson must be thickest co commentator out, John Champion tried to get it into his head that VAR will not intervene on anything outside the box