Worst Celtic team for years

Kingdom Bear

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There are only 2 players that they have that I think are decent .... Edourrd and McGregor .... apart from that nahhhhh


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So it wouldn't have looked pretty if they had somehow beaten us then.

An excuse for you to vent yer spleen.

They've had us over a barrel for 7 years, we ain't there yet but the signs are very healthy.
I’m delighted with the result. And the signs are great. But we were 7/10 today, nothing more. Didn’t get out of second gear. Didn’t need to.


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Foster probably papered over a significant amount of cracks for them last year
My Son said that in the close season if they had got him back things may have been different. He stopped us winning our 1st silverware last season.

Pundits said it today, do they rely on their big players to provide a last gasp winner. I thinks so


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As delighted as I am, there is a long way to go.

They were missing Odouard, Christie, Forrest and Julien.

I will reserve judgement until the end of the season.
They have a first team squad, injuries and suspensions are part of the game, it happens to every club. We keep hearing how strong their squad is, that was shown as nonsense today, it's a squad game these days


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Bringing on a degenerate gambling junkie and a guy that can't run pretty much sums up their strength in depth.

Call it over confidence slap me down but I've been saying all season we have the better squad. The only ones that can stop us is ourselves.

I predicted a week ago prior to christie and the Israelis being out we would win 3-0. I put a 20 quid bet on at 11/2 us -1. I hope other bears beat the bookies today.


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They had a few players out, but it showed the "strength" of their, massive, squad. A few injuries for them once their Covid woes are over sees them in a similar situation.


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I actually can’t believe they paid £5m for that keeper. Looks like an Eastern European virgin over here on a student visa looking for bar work. Wee dick.

Don't gie him a visa for bar work, just let him appear between their sticks. He's doin a smashin job.


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Their goalie is pretty poor for the money they laid out.

Ajer had a few menacing runs through the midfield and made some fair cutting passes.

Frimpong posed a bit of a menace early on I thought, but thankfully Borna was able to snuff most of it out.

I actually thought that Laxalt (yes, he of the odd look) seemed to be putting dangerous passes and crosses into our area, and I was amazed when Lennon took him off.

CFC's McGregor started well in midfield but faded badly as the game went on.

Elyounoussi also showed some danger when he attacked.

Those apart, their players were effing abysmal.

We've had stronger challenges and come up against better individual performances from "lesser" teams.

Not one of their players did enough for me that I would even have put them on our bench.
Saves me saying most of what i would have mate.

Ajer & Laxalt were their best players for me.

Ajer stopped it from being at least 3-0 for me, from the 2 Kent chances in particular.

Their keeper i'm delighted about.. He looks a poor poor replacement, for a significant outlay :D:D;)


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They are crap they have been for the last year or so the only difference in the teams is they know how to get over the line and win games they shouldn't. We are still at that stage where we need to do that as that is what costs us the most over a season but today we schooled them and another big point is you don't play 3-5-2 against us it its our favourite formation to play against.

True Blue

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A fair few of them seemed less than interested with even Walker pointing out the lack of urgency amongst them when 2 down.
It looks like Lennon is struggling to motivate them.


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As delighted as I am, there is a long way to go.

They were missing Odouard, Christie, Forrest and Julien.

I will reserve judgement until the end of the season.
Edouard is their best player, but I've heard quite a few tims moaning about his performances this season. Christie - similar.

With their finances, they should be able to cope with those players missing. Their issue is they rely really heavily on individual performances digging them out a hole. I think we have a stronger squad now. If Morelos and Goldson had been missing today, we'd have had really solid cover for them both. We've had to cover Aribo being injured and have done so really well.

I think what I'm saying in a roundabout way is...fück them.


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If not for a number of late goals they would be in a perilous position just now.

As it stands though it’s pretty much the same squad who won almost every game after New year last season. I’d be happier if they’d dropped more points while they haven’t been playing well.


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What was evident was that there wasn't a player they had today that you were wary of having the ball.


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They've got away with the rest of the league accepting they were going to win it when we were put down the leagues. Other clubs still care more about a result against us when we arent the champions.

We showed how bad they actually are, other teams need to believe the can actually do something against them rather than just rolling over. If we were going for 10 then every team would be doing their damdest to stop us.


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Except perhaps Griffiths in the box. If he’d fallen that was a penalty.
Yeah, the decoy run allowed him the ball; we were caught there. My point originally though was throughout the game there was no one we had to double on etc. I know very little about their team, but overall they are poorer anytime I've seen them in recent times, playing us; they are not as good as they were about a decade ago, in my opinion.
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