Worst Celtic team for years

erskine bear

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Interestingly our team today , without Helander is exactly the same team that failed . So what’s changed.? Every single position is under threat . The bench easily could have started to a man. Now no one is a stick on on ( remember the jack pre match chat). Suddenly you need to earn your place. When we collapsed there was little to change. That’s the difference.
Well for starters our star players have developed further “same team” is total pish, we’ve a young team and they’ve all developed further.


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Realistically, I think they have McGregor (in midfield for Jack/Arfield) and Edouard (in a front 3 with Kent & Morelos) who would get into our team. I genuinely wouldn't take any of their other players for the starting XI, a few would make our bench though.

It's an incredible turnaround and shows how good our recruitment has been whilst theirs has gone downhill.

Big Hepy

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What did their starting line up cost compared to ours? Sorry if that's been asked I went straight to end of thread. It would be interesting to compare.

Danger Zone

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Baffling signing. He reminds me of Ally Maxwell. I wonder if you follow the money there’s an agent bung involved here. Truly baffling to spend €5M Euros on that.

The attempt at saving Goldson’s header was the sort of attempt you usually see when a team has made all their subs, had their keeper sent off and had to put an outfield player in goal.

£5m n’all. Chortle

China Bear

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Glad we won, but we will need to see more evidence of cracks in their team in the form of dropped league points or Europa loses, before we can state they are the worst CFC team in a decade etc or other current descriptor. It’s what we continue to do that counts, but of course I’m hoping that CFC remain pish.
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