Would they concede , if the boot was on the other foot ?

Rio Loyal

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I'm not sure where this idea about us conceding the title has came from. We'll not be asked to concede it. If the season doesn't finish the outcome of the 19/20 season will be out of our hands.
No it won’t if they try and award it we go to court plain and simple.

Loud and proud

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No they wouldn't.
They would insist all fixtures must be completed or the season should be null and void.
They know it, we know it.


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Let’s be honest no self-respecting team would. It’s a pointless argument. The decision isn’t ours or theirs.


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They wouldn’t concede, and I wouldn’t expect them to. Nor would I want them to.


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No they wouldn’t. And neither should we. The season has to be played to a finish or declared null and void. Anything else is simply unacceptable.
It’d be the authorities we’d be chasing.
Of course, would you be surprised if it transpired that there was only one club against any decision to award the league to them.
I reckon it would just be us and Hearts. Other clubs would probably be satisfied with the prize money as it stands as opposed to not getting any money at all if the season was null and voided.

The european spots argument I've seen mentioned is irrelevant. When was the last time anyone bar us and them got past the qualifiers?


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The debate needs to be turned completely on its head.

So most reasonable people would say we are expected to beat St Johnstone at home. Which would give them a 10 point lead and therefore from their perspective that is enough to be handed the title.

So to turn it on its head they must logically agree a 10 point lead would be enough would be enough to see Rangers crowned champions.

Now the reason they are shouting about getting the league is because they believe they have an unassailable lead.

So it would be a reasonable assumption to believe they a one goal lead isn't enough to be described as unassailable. Probably a two goal lead is not unassailable either. I'll say a three goal lead doesn't fit the criteria either.

Ok let's say goal difference isn't enough surely a reasonable person would say that with eight matches to go. So is it like point? Eh probably not that could be overturned yeah? Two points? Nah let's rule that out that's only one match yeah.

This leads us onto the crux of it. The question that they will never be able to answer is.

If the roles were reversed at which point would Rangers be awarded the title between one goal and ten points ahead?

What is the criteria used?
Quite uncool to quite your own lost but I'm doing it anyway.

Not seen this point made before. What us thr cut off should be the point?

Warren Hill

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If it was Rangers at the top im convinced the media would be spinning the line of lives come first and the season must be voided.

The Great Waldo

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FFS for all those that questioning my OP. The question is RHETORICAL. I merely found an old newspaper clipping and decided to post to illustrate THEIR mindset of never conceding anything, but some pricks are advocating we should concede. I know fine well what the answer to the thread title would be.


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We all know the answer. Not in million years. We've been quiet on that front. Other than our statement, we've not said much, if anything. However, if it was the other way around and we were leading at this point, the filth would be screaming and threatening all sorts. It's that simple. Null and void for me!


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I wish we'd put this to rest, let them embarrass themselves, decent people are beyond worrying about how this season ends, for all I care they could claim the SC as well seeing as they are holders, wouldn't put it past them.


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Celtc never give up.

..Lighter throwers
Bottle throwers
Tax scheme facilitators


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not a chance,they would be using the sporting integrity crap to the exact opposite viewpoint they are pushing just now.


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Of course not, and nor should they.
Nor should any club meekly give over a trophy that wasn't won, when they still have a chance to win it themselves.