Would we have won the 93 CL Final?

Would we have won?

  • Yes (Rangers would have won)

  • No (Milan would have beaten us)

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It was the year BP shut the Glasgow office and moved some of us up to Aberdeen. There was a good sized group that moved up. The sheep hated us, they were as bad with the tims. There weren't many friendly bars, the Crown Hotel was always good. What a season it was! Time for another like that


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Fairly sure no-ones

4 foreigners, 3 foreigner rule was in place
Well remembered! Had totally forgotten about that. Now I remember, I think that was why we replaced Woods with Goram, and also ended up sometimes playing with some Scottish players in Europe who were not 1st picks domestically.


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That Milan side were a great team. I doubt that we would have beat them but over 90 minutes with the spirit we had then it would have been possible.
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