You’re no rangers anymore


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If we're not Rangers any more then they're being pumped by a 7 year old team.

Shouldn't that be embarrassing for them? In an attempt at ripping the piss out of us they're actually ripping the piss out of themselves.
Its the equivalent of a small child telling their parents that they're fat and stupid when they get their favourite toy taken away for being naughty. Its deflection and frustration from their own failings.


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what i dont get is why they chose to build the new stadium in one of the more affluent areas of Paisley! i mean they could have saved £10's of pounds had they found a really cheap option like seedhill!

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I've never understood why these small tinpot clubs think this Sevco patter, zombies, you let your club die sort of stuff offends us. It's utterly tragic patter :D


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This will never bother me. We need to accept this is the kind of stick we will get from opposition since the events of 2012. The best thing to do is laugh at it and give it the piss take applause.


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If we're not Rangers anymore,then why are we being punished for a culmination of historical offences by UEFA,then?.


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I’ve lived south of the border for a decade.

I’ve never heard a human being say “sevco” in the flesh. The word would draw a blank expression from any of my English colleagues

I’ve often wondered, in work places and pubs across Scotland, do people actually come out with that stuff to your face ? Or is it purely an online and mob football crowd sort of thing?

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Well, the Rangers have been and gone for another few months, back to old clothes and porridge for St Boo fans now.

Enjoy the mediocrity of being a wee, do-nothing provincial club.


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There was also a chorus of "walking away is the Rangers way"

WTF does that even mean?
This one annoys me too, I'd like to know what people think they're referring to when they sing it. There's never been a support so loyal in standing by their club.


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Biggest crowd of the season for them until they play us again, wonder what their attendance will be against century old Ross County :rolleyes:

St Mirren have always been a shit club with shit fans.


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If we aren't Rangers anymore why do they always show up en masse when we play their diddy team, but not when they are playing anyone else?


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Also to add, St Mirren have won the Scottish cup/league cup 4 times in their history. FOUR TIMES. We've won both more than that in the last decade of our presence in the top flight.