You agree with Zlatan?


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It was funny while he was still world class but he's just a bit embarrassing now.

The way he acted in MLS was really poor, made me lose all respect for him

the voice

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With 9 on the bench and 5 subs I’d expect the likes of Zlatan and CR7 to go into their mid 40s. Will get reduced minutes but they’ll still be able to offer something for 20 mins etc


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One of my favourite players ever

An absolute rocket though
He is my favourite player too, how you can call him a rocket is a bit odd though. You mean because he is arrogant and over confident, fair enough , a guy with his skill and ability has earned that right and I love him for speaking his mind.


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It tells you everything you need to know about a decent CH costing an absolute premium, the fact is an old Zlatan would still bully a centre half like Stones for 90 mins

tottie beck

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Disagree. He still had the genius but was blowing out his erse at the end of his time in MLS. Age catches up with us all, even the best of us


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He's a special talent and special character. Love his confidence in himself, has a tendency to back it up most of the time.


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It was a privilege to watch him when he was out here tbh

When he was up for it, and partulicularly in the bigger games, he was unreal.

Loves an outlandish quote, would be very surprised if he's still playing in 2-3 yrs though