You can only pick one player from the past


I’ve been following Rangers since the 1950’s and James Curran Baxter is without doubt the finest player we’ve had in my lifetime.

He never got the recognition his football deserved because he was a piss artist and gambler and basically wrecked himself. Also suffered from a load of hangers on. Big parallels with Gazza.

If you put Baxter on the park with ten grannies you’d still be in with a chance.


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Another great shout would be he’s blue he’s white....
We Durranty was a sensational footballer, he had the lot and dare I say if it wasn’t for the injury I’d say he would have easy been looked at as genuine world class.

I’m being gready here, pre injury Mols was also as good as anyone I ever seen play for Us.

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Cooper went too many games sometimes not doing a great deal. Laudrup for me though he slacked a bit too in his last year. Re Baxter - I didn't see him play in person but a former player told me he was a lazy bastard at times but brilliant when he turned it on.

Think Baxter was a bit of a Morelos or Tav of his time (though at a much higher level than either, obviously). He was often criticised for one of his greater strengths. For all of his sublime skill, he actually was a team player and would regularly be the outball for the keeper in a modern left back position before running up and down the length of the wing.

At almost any moment in history, if you were to ask the top 10 players in the world what they thought of Scottish footballers, they’d either be bemused by the question or just laugh at you. They certainly couldn’t name any beyond maybe Dalgleish, Law or Souness.

Pele and Puskas - 2 players who would rank in most people’s top 10 of all time - both named Baxter as amongst the greatest of their era. If I could add one player to any team, it would be the one Pele and Puskas wanted on their side.


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Brian Laudrup is the best Rangers player of my lifetime.
Gazza is the one with most natural ability and would improve the current team more, I would have said Laudrup had we not got Kent.

However just to throw a name in that hasn't been mentioned (or if it has I missed it) and again makes more sense before Kent signed than now. Neil McCann

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We have a decent enough set of defenders. We can also look good in attack.

What's missing in our team as we're currently set up? A wee ginger hardnut in midfield who will be the 'missing link' and will run his socks off for 90 minutes and ghost in for the odd goal or three.

Step up, Wee Doddie.



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Laudrup was my favorite player growing up, but Gazza would be the best addition to the current team. Still hard to believe that it wasn’t so long ago that we had so many genuinely world class players.


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Laudrup, simply because he would have absolutely no problem opening up the deep lying defences we face every week now.

Alberta chipping in with 20 goals from midfield would be handy too, right enough.


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Laudrup. Every time he got the ball you sensed something was going to happen and it usually did. Would also have Loved to have got big Daniel cousin when he was a bit younger.


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Big Terry Butcher would command that penalty box or Davie Cooper's some have mentioned he didn't turn up at games but when a player of the calibre of Ruud Gullit describes him as magical well is there much else to say

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That can only be Baxter. Could dribble, pass and score from outside the box. Played in a World X1, had the
Greats raving about him inc. Pele, Puskas and Best. Mind you, Puskas
was a drinking buddy.