You couldn’t make it up-Celtic to help missing kids


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Celtic club joins-up in social media initiative to trace missing young people across the globe

EUROPEAN Club Association (ECA) and its member clubs have joined together for International Missing Children’s Day, May 25, to support a new initiative that hopes to help find vulnerable young people.

Over 50 ECA member clubs, including Celtic, have volunteered to use their social media channels to share videos featuring children who are currently missing all over the world.

Bob Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer at ICMEC, added: “Over one million children are reported missing around the world each year, and a missing child is a vulnerable child. While the majority may return home quickly and safely, many remain missing for longer periods of time.

“On International Missing Children’s Day 2020, we are honoured to have the support of the world’s football community.

"With the huge following and global reach that these clubs boast, we hope that someone, somewhere might recognize one of the missing children in the videos so they can be reunited with their loved ones.”

“Football is the world’s most popular sport, and ICMEC greatly values the unique potential of the clubs to amplify our efforts to publicize the plight of missing children through their incredible social media presence,” said Caroline Humer, Vice President of Programs.


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Celtic searching for missing vulnerable kids on social media?

While most major clubs are promoting this and while it can be considered as a very worthwhile campaign to have their name appearing on the list of clubs doing so seems, at best, hypocritical.

Would anyone claim it to be a non story if either Gary Glitter or Rolf Harris were promoting it? Probably not.


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They could maybe start with their own vile home. Another slap in the face of their numerous victims. This club is absolutely diagusting.