You let your club die


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The Hearts go to song today. Their entire support then fvcked off before seeing their team receive their medals. Loyalty, they couldn't spell it.

Exactly mate.

We pummelled them from the 2nd half onwards and they knew it.

I love to see these kunts suffering.


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No other club in Scotland would have survived what we went through, none, let alone come back as we have.

The irony of these pathetic wanks singing this, is that they committed worse financial ‘misdemeanours’ than us and and yet the footballing authorities and First Minister acted to help them.


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It's telling that the loudest song that comes from all other SPL teams is about Rangers rather their own clubs. Identikit fans who've became so engrossed in our club, it rivals the Tims for obsession.


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If that's what they believe then they should be embarrassed that a club that's supposedly only been in existence since 2012 has already achieved more than their club has in over 100 years, stupid diddy club.


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So true.
And none of them will ever want to address the extremely murky goings on as their team was "saved" from bankruptcy.

But it’s not really relevant. The notion that a club of thousands can die is ludicrous.

The corporate veil protects assets and people protect the legacy.

You might not agree, but it is what happens


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I'll be honest, I was impressed to hear them singing while 2 nil down. Take my hat off to them for that.


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Our opposition never know how to support their teams. Jealousy and a sense of inferiority always leads to obsession, always.


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The irony of it all is that judging by their own logic, their club was one of the first ever 'newco' football clubs, they went out of business in the early 1900s so the year they wear on their badge is therefore a fucking lie.
Despicable little club with rotten to the core fans.
%^*& them all.