Your daily dose of Kerryfail Street is this way.


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That huge budget will help to pay compensation to the victims of CSA and quite rightly so .


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If you want a laugh go to that strange individual Irish micks live stream and watch at 1hr48min mark, guy has a meltdown. I feel dirty for going there and giving the wee fud a watch but my oh my did I enjoy his tears
Awwwww mannnnnnnn what a watch that is btw!!!


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Final part: i can't stay over there forever.

Lennon: "Covid, injuries, lost bad goals, injuries, frontline strikers not fit...did I mention Covid?"
He needs to go. Sadly we won't sack him.
Glen kamara, Goldson, tav the whole effin lot will be pissing themselves. Huns didn’t even get out of second gear.
I’d sack Lennon this afternoon if it was down to me. Brown is done as well. One good game against Hibs all season doesn’t cut it.
£5m on Barkas
£5m on Ajeti
£3.5m on Paddy
£40k a week for Duffy on loan....
Money being spunked on utter shit to get that served up today.
Neil Lennon is the Wile E Coyote of coaching. He never learns his lesson.
The huns shape was better but they also seemed to want it much more and guys like Tavernier and Barisic won their physical battles too, which is frankly embarassing. At one point in the second half 2 Celtic players bounced off Barisic and then he wandered up the park and set up a chance. :)) :))

Attitude, tactics and work rate beat us. We have mentally weak players who can't cope in a crisis and a manager who doesn't know what to do when under pressure.
We played like we were playing fives on a Monday night after a weekend on the sesh.
No urgency when we won the ball back to get up the pitch which allowed the Rangers players all the time in the world to get back into shape. No one showed any heart, desire or guile. No one made any sort of dangerous runs. No one offered anything creative. No one offered to take the ball in the middle of the park. No one offered anything, really.
0 shots on target. 1 corner. Did we win any free kicks in offensive positions? I can't recall any.
The wile e coyote of coaching :)

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Duntyglen in Duntocher was always a great watch out. Ambulances and meat wagons all over the village:))
My mate's a taxi driver around that area and instead of going out hunting for fares, he drives around all the local slophouses and films all their shennannigans!
His other trick is slowly driving towards them with his green light on and when any of them flag him down he flicks the light off, flicks them the vickey and fcuks off.
Childish as fcuk but some of his clips are hilarious!


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If folk are going to get sent off for flicking someone's ear then we might as well all give up. I put Radio Scotland on at half-time (I know I know) and they had Craig Thompson of all people on. Even he said that if Beaton had seen it it would have been a yellow card.
He won't be back on then.


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They win the game and think the seasons over laughable idiots, aye we played shite seasons not over in October ya muppets remember that


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"it wis pyoor a reserve team. the lost neck monster and the French Penalty merchant will rescue us" cries this demented beast
It wasn’t even our strongest team. We were down two men, Aribo and Roofe. In terms of the starting 11 they were down three men, Edouard, Christie and Jullien or one of the Israelis. Boohoo.
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