Your daily dose of Kerryfail Street is this way.


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"it wis pyoor a reserve team. the lost neck monster and the French Penalty merchant will rescue us" cries this demented beast
He seems to think the next game is at their gaff as well.


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This is a small insight into what will happen when we get 55 and CFC are expelled from the professional football leagues for facilitating child rape and paedophilia for decades, covering it up and attempting to defeat the ends of justice by falsely claiming to be a “separate entity”. I for one canny f&ckin wait to watch them all implode up their ain arses.:))

Mr Mojo risin'

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isnt billy ocean a bluenose didnt he hang about with mccoist in the 90s
if someone can tweet that to @celticghirl_bee im sure it'll make her night :D:D

(saw that billy ocean was trending and thought he had died but has a new album out)
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