Your favourite home kit


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Loved the Adidas one we won 8 in a row with. Another favourite was the 1st NTL one. Growing up I remember the buzz of it getting unveiled in the paper.


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Mcewans lager nike home kit. Loved that top. I seen one castore mock up on here that was similar with thin red stripe going round the chest, it lookes class!

Steve Snedden

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Can't pick one.

78-82 Umbro
82-84 Umbro
92-94 Adidas
97-99 Nike
2012 Umbro.

Probably 92-94 Adidas although I loved the 2012 retro top. It's a shame it's synonymous with such a low point in our history.


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Trying to influence Castore but this has been my favourite since.
I think the sponsor logo makes or breaks the look of a strip.
McEwan's Lager looked good to my eyes, as did Tennent's, but I wasn't so keen on CR Smith, NTL or 32 Red. I hope to God Unibet's green balls never find their way onto our next kit/training wear.
In the future, unlikely as it is, a Pepsi or Coca Cola logo would look amazing on our famous shirt.


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The 1979-80 home kit with the red/ white / blue collar was a belter. The worst was the 2005-06 effort. Cheap and nasty looking.