Your favourite home kit

Chris the Bandito

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Rangers FC 1960-1961:
From left to right: Wilson, Shearer, Ritchie, Provan, Forrest, McMillan, Greig, McKinnon, Baxter, Brand and Henderson.
We wore a "modernised" version of this in Nissy's testimonial which looked fantastic. Love the classic style but it looked really good in the more modern fabric. If we got a new version of this I'd even buy shirts for each of the tims in my office:)


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The 3 stripe Adidas one for me. Mine looked like a string vest by the time I stopped wearing it!


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Any of the simple designed shown previously

The ntl nike
White collar one
Small tennents logo one

Not a fan of the Adidas 93 one, too much white in the main body of the shirt

WW55 on the PRW

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This top is a fucking cracker, but it just reminds me of the start of such a depressing time for our club. The top deserves better.
If I was Castore I would be basing the first attempt on the simplicity of this design and I have a better idea for the 5 stars than 5 stars, we'll have to wait and see what they come up with


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Is anyone influenced by how successful we were wearing a certain kit?

I always look back more fondly on strips we actually won trophies with. The 12/13 home kit being the only exception.


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92/94 easily. I do think I'm a person who'd love any piece of crap that someone stuck a Rangers badge on though.

This seasons kit will hold a special place in my heart because of my avatar too

Artful Dodger

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I had the red too, think I liked it better than the blue
I was given the choice and I think I picked the red one after seeing us play someone in it and liked it.As I said my mum was washing it every night nearly as I couldn’t get enough of it.Eventually got the Blue one after moaning like fu*k for weeks.Trip to Roberts stores and I was happy again.

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