Your Favourite Old Firm Game of the Season

Favourite Old Firm Game of the Season

  • 0-2

    Votes: 142 41.8%
  • 1-0

    Votes: 41 12.1%
  • 1-1

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • 2-0

    Votes: 11 3.2%
  • 4-1

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Simple enough question, tricky answer.

0-2 ; big nerves going into this. Would argue it was the most important of the season, we were behind in the table and it looked early on as if it might be difficult to separate the sides (lol). We absolutely dominated but kept things cautious rather than go all in. No celtic shots on goal. Precipitated their meltdown and absolutely set the tone for the rest of the season.

0-1 ; a banter game. Scum convince themselves they dominated but in reality it was only for the first 20 mins. My fav McGregor save of the season touching Griffiths shot away with the fingertips. We got no shots on goal and won B-)

1-1 ; there have been sustained periods in this season's OFs where the games have felt a bit flat. That just about sums up this one, but delighted for the first Alfie goal against them :shh:

2-0 ; Honestly amazed we beat the best team in the country. After two games where they claimed they were unlucky not to beat us, this was a massive GIRFUY. My second favourite.

4-1 ; Humiliation time. Never been less buzzed going into an OF game, but turned out to be my favourite despite being a dead rubber. Feels like it had everything, Alfie megging Brown to rifle one home, Kent tekkers all over the park, McGregor saves, Defoe making it look easy. The perfect near-end to the league.

Nacho Novo

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The 4-1 by far.

It was total annihilation from start to finish. Every goal scored against them is another knife in their hearts after all their years of gloating only for Rangers to destroy the only thing that mattered to them. The 10.


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Old firm games are as much about relief as enjoyment, I absolutely enjoyed Sunday but felt absolutely no relief as there was nowhere near as much at stake as the 2-0 game which wins it for me.


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I voted the most recent game. Simply because it’s a pumping. It was between this and the 2-0 game at the start of the season, I knew the full week before that game that we were going to the piggery and doing them, never felt so confident about an away victory on my life.


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The 4-1 by far.

It was total annihilation from start to finish. Every goal scored against them is another knife in their hearts after all their years of gloating only for Rangers to destroy the only thing that mattered to them. The 10.
Small bit of regret for me over this game,

Can you imagine what Ibrox would've been like in the 2nd half,

Going three one up, Brown getting cheered off the park when subbed by 50k partying Bears then the final dagger when Defoe scored.



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The first one. Set down the marker. And it being the ref's fault.

No, the second one. Rode the "storm" that was 21 minutes of pressure and won thanks to Callum McGregor fulfilling a childhood ambition. And it being the ref's fault.

No, the third one. Going there with the league in the bag and an air of "so what" about playing them. and Alfie's goal. And it being the ref's fault.

No, the cup tie. Destroying their last feint hope of a trophy this season. And it being the ref's fault.

The last one. The only thing missing from the last couple of seasons was putting a few past them. And it being the ref's fault.

Ach, I dunno.

Is there an all of the above option?


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Hard choice this
The 0-2 was a statement of intent and had the supreme effect of showing up the bheasts delusion for all to sea.
The 1-0 was when I knew the title was well an truly over , even tho I’d no nails left , they never looked like winning
The 2-0 cup win ended their season completely

and then we come to demolition Sunday , absolutely ruthless with them

Valley Bluenose

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First one at the DhimDome. A completely dominant performance that set the tone and left us knowing - and them knowing - that a changing of the guard was coming. Maybe not the same number of goals as last weekend but it was a better overall performance. We never, at any stage, gave them a sniff of a chance or any sliver of hope to cling onto.


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The most recent one was the best game, the best performance and the best result.

But the first win over them set the tone for the season to allow Sunday to happen.


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As much as I enjoyed Sunday I went for the 2-0 win at the piggery in October.
It set down a marker for the season and it was also the one I was most nervous about.
By the time we played them in January their wheels had come off and I was confident we'd beat them


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I'm really surprised the 1-0 game hasn't been voted higher

Never been so nervous for a game in my life. It was horrendous and the relief after it was amazing

Eddie Doc

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Denying them so much as a single shot on goal in the tattie dome at the start of the season just pips it for me.

They knew then the cracks were more than cracks and they were broken from then on.
We were still the underdog and pressed them all over the park. I've gone for this game too as it set the tone for the season and they never recovered. Doubt about the keeper and defence started that day and they couldn't settle.


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I loved the Scottish Cup win at the time, that was 2 going on 4 or 5, going out the following week soured that win.
I've only seen the Sportscene highlights from Sunday, looked a lucky 4 1 :rolleyes:


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Sunday...purely because it was stress free.

The first one was clearly more important but Sunday was long overdue and I didn’t expect to give them such a doing.


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The 4-1 game.
0-2 was good but they were that shit it never even felt like an old firm.

1-0 was too nervy. The significance of winning that day was huge and was too nervous to enjoy the game.

1-1 was a good one but had a total end of season feel to it.

2-0 my second favourite. Goals came at great times then the penalty save was the icing on the cake.

4-1 just an amazing day. No nerves as the league was long over, we totally pissed all over them and looked like scoring every time we attacked.


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First was most important, laid a marker down and gave us an advantage that we never looked back from. They were rattled, arguably broken, by the defeat, and went on to have a rotten 6 weeks that effectively ended their season.

Also, it seems hard to remember a time when our lead was single figures in the league, but what was the gap between the teams prior to the first OF of the season? Am I right that either they went in on top, or if they had beaten us that day they would have gone top? Either way, that game was critical in establishing that we were going to be favourites this season and for the first time in a decade they would be chasing us. With the disappointment of our previous season fizzling out in January 2020 and all the talk about winning mentality, we had a lot to prove. We can look back now and say their team is rotten, they would have folded even if we had lost that day, but I think that win - and the manner in which it happened - was the big moment of our season.

Sunday's goals (and the cup game goals too) were a lot more fun, but the 2-0 was the one for me.


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1-0 for me. It’s the one I had the most “battle fever” for, the one I celebrated the most. Probably our worst performance in all the games but the result was 100% the most important.


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The 4 victories were fantastic, all of them, but went for 0-2, the gulf between the sides on the day - not then a gulf in points - was huge, and it gave me a certain amount of belief that 55 might, just might, be on. We fecking shredded them.


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2-0 at the piggery. They've still not recovered from it, not even looked like recovering from it. Its easy to forget that they'd only dropped 2 points going into that game and it took us 90 minutes to show everyone who was going to be top dogs this year.


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This is looking good for the guy that wanted close polls. First one for me: it really put the marker down for the season and they never recovered from how easily we beat them. Also, had a weekend away with some mates that I hadn’t seen for ages and haven’t seen since, so happy times.


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0-2 for me

it set the tone for the rest of the season imo

they had no come back after that game we deflated their bubble that day


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I don’t think they recovered from that game at the san giro.
They were utterly abject- not a single shot in target.
We could and should have won that by a couple more but I think after that our players had all the belief we needed.


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The 4-1 game for me. We easily won, skills of Kent tormenting them, lego subbed after an hour to save him further embarrassment, Morelos scoring and having the last laugh against them, Defoe scoring and seeing them emotion in a man who has had a career many can only dream about. The game had it all


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Sunday was a bit of a novelty in the sense that I wasn't too nervous. In fact, pre-match it almost had the feel of a routine game - like we were playing somebody like Motherwell or that ilk. Not to say I was being dismissive of them but probably a combination of still being scunnered with the cup exit and league already wrapped up a long time ago, it didn't have the same "feel" to it.

Not being able to go to the new year game and on a day of such significance was sad. We can only imagine the atmosphere with a full house on the day and the roar as the ball bounced into the Celtc net for the winner. I know that I'd have ended up miles away from where I'd started, that's for sure.


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Voted the 1-0 at Ibrox as it was the one that truly nailed the coffin shut. We also didn't play that well in it which makes it all so sweeter. The crowing about how well they played for weeks on end and the subsequent Dubai fallout made this one hilarious as well.

The 4-1 was the most relaxed Old Firm I have ever watched. I was total zen for it.