Your first ever Rangers first team game you attended?

I had been taken to Rangers reserve team games from about the age of three. My first time ever seeing the "Big Team" was on 18th of May 1963 against Queen of the South at Ibrox. The result was 3-1 to the Famous. My recollections are thus: IIRC Doug Baillie put through his own goal to give them the lead:( However, we ended up winning as above:)) I cant remember who scored for us, but I know Allan McGregor was not in goals.:p I remember being in the west enclosure down at the front as I was tiny, even Wee Willie Henderson was a giant to me! We had won the Scottish Cup and the League that season, so, My favourite memory was the team going round the trackside with both trophies:)):)) 18th May means a lot to me, as ironically my father, who brought me up following the world's most successful team passed away on 18th May 1990:( WATP:D Your first guys?


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Friendly v St Etienne circa 87, may even have been a testimonial

walking up the concourse steps in the Govan Rear to reveal the stadium for the first time blew me away, it literally took my 7 year old breathe away, instant love
@Marvin Keep Believing you’ve only been on Follow Follow for a couple of days but already brought us some great threads:))

My first game was 4-0 vs Dunfermline in 1991? I think it was.
Many thanks Davie, I am glad you appreciate my contributions. I am off to the Legends game today, not walking it this time! lol, so will think of something to post when I return. From one Legend to another, thanks again for your encouragement! Off to my scratcher, wife(Defoe no pics), will be missing me!;) Goodnight/Good morning WATP


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My first game was a 1-1 home draw against Aberdeen on the 1st February 1986. I have no recollection of the game at all as was approaching my 5th birthday. The first game I remember being at was the League Cup Final in October 1988 against Aberdeen which we won 3-2. I remember the corner coming in and the sheer bedlam around me when we scored to make it 3-2 with 2 minutes to go. I was in the section next to the Aberdeen fans and at the end of the game I remember my dad shielding from the pelting of coins coming over the fence. As we were making our way i was picking the coins up and went home to my mother with a decent wee amount of cash.

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Tried finding it on Google with no success.

Anyway it was 0-0 v St Johnstone and was on the same day as Hillsborough I believe. I was 3 years old so don't remember a thing.


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V St Johnstone 1980/81. I was 5/6 years old. We sat in main stand. I can't name the whole team, I'd need to Google it but I remember Peter McCloy and Ally Dawson


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Morton 2-2 Rangers, 22nd November 1969 at age 5. We blew a two goal lead in what was Davie White's last league game in charge. I'm sure Jim Baxter played so at least I can say I saw him play!


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Rangers 1-0 Dundee October 98.

Albertz scored and missed a penalty.It was Gattuso’s last ever game for us and the lesser spotted Seb Rozenthal made a sub appearance.

I think the team was..



Van Bronckhorst


Miller,Rozenthal and Ian Ferguson all came on.

Just had a look for the highlights there on YouTube but it looks like it’s been removed.


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Not got the foggiest , late 60’s early 70’s. Remember ripping up those old paper programs up in the car on the way home. First actually memory of a game was the players coming out and kicking balls into the crowd.
First of actual opponents would be Ayr away packed I like sardines. Quite scary at the time.


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First I can remember is PSV on a champions league night in 1999 , Rangers won 4-1 and the atmosphere was electric , Van nistelrooy scored their goal , a penalty.


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2-0 v Motherwell in Aug 1991, A Rob Maaskant o.g and Trevor Steven scoring his last goal before joining Marseille.


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I dont even remember the year or how old I was, but I was at secondary school. We lost 3-1 to Hearts at Ibrox. Overriding memory is the music during the warm up and spotting who was in the flesh for the first time.

Pretty sure it was a season opener, or at least first game at home.


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1957 v Motherwell
My new step-Dad took me to my first football game and it was at Ibrox in the West Enclosure where he put me down near the front so I could see something.
I can't remember the result but I remember as a kid, my uncles, aunts, and Gran would always ask me who played for Rangers, as a sort of party piece, and the team below is one which has stuck in my head forever:
Niven, Shearer, Caldow, McColl, Young, Logie, Scott, Simpson, Murray, Baird, Hubbard.


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Away to Motherwell at Fir Park. Lost 1-2. Ally McCoist equaliser for us but they won it with a penalty in the first half. Jim White was just below us on the track doing his bit for the Scotsport highlight programme later that night - not sure if we could have clinched the 6IAR that night but as Motherwell were our nearest challengers (at that time), a win would have more or less finished it. Sheep ended up finishing second at the end of that season IIRC.

Never really liked Ally Maxwell after that game - seem to remember him picking up a pass back as the Rangers fans shouted "don't pick it up!"

Also, having only seen us on TV prior to this game - I was somewhat to surprised to learn that the lineups didn't hang down from a blimp or something hovering around the stadium. I didn't understand TV graphics very well :oops:


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Can't remember the year but was v hearts. Think we got beat 1-3 by hearts. That long ago my memory might be playing tricks though.


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1964 East End.
2.1 to the Gers.
Don't recall much of the game but I recall Baxter talking to my dad when he got off the team bus. They were very good mates.


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Scottish Cup Final replay against Dundee United. We won 4-1.

Way back in the terrace at Hampden. Could only see part of the field at any time but a game under the floodlights looked magical.

Had thought for decades the pair of friendlies against Ipswich and Man City at Ibrox were my first Rangers games and had been at the start of that season. When I double checked the dates I discovered they were August 8, a few months after the final replay.


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April 1983 St Mirren Scottish Cup Semi Replay at Hampden on a miserable night. 1-0 win. My first game at Ibrox I’m less sure about but think it was John Greig’s last game in charge, a 2-1 home win v Porto in October 1983. Unlike my boy who went to the Oxford friendly at 3, and then going again today. Lucky boy!

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