Your Group if we Made the CL?


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I know it’s a way off but given what we have been through and the natural hope for more promising times again, if we made the CL Group stages, who would you want to draw and why?

I would go for:

Real Madrid - great trip for the fans and been too long since we have faced them
Liverpool - for Stevie G and a side we haven’t competitively faced
Hamburg - friendly trip and great footballing culture

What say you?
AC Milan - seeing them back to their best under gattuso would be superb

Borussia Dortmund - stadium and away trip would be brilliant

Sparta prague - cheap away day and bevy :cool: plus would hope to finish above them and fall into europa last 32 after Christmas :D


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Liverpool - was the first I thought of due to SG. Playing them home and away would be amazing.

Valencia - nice city. And at the seaside. And beatable.

FC Kobenhavn - One of my favourite cities. Good food and drink. Not too far to travel. Definitely beatable.

I’d want some nice trips for the bears. The glamour tie would be with Klopp’s Liverpool. The other two would be decent away trips against teams we could beat. And I’d want us to go through to the next round!

Time enough there for Madrid, Milan and PSG en route to winning it ;)


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A group that we’ve got a decent chance of finishing 3rd and not guaranteed to be pumped by all teams before a ball is kicked.


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Real Madrid - I'd take the pumping just for the prestige of playing them.
Ajax- an excuse for a couple of days in Amsterdam
Any English club but preferably Liverpool for obvious reasons. The support we'd take there would be unreal