Your Journey To Seville And Back


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So now that most of us who went are either home or almost home, how did you travel to Seville and where from? There must be a few epic tales so would be interested to hear how we all got there.

I didn't have any delays or an epic distance to travel but i was up at 3am on Wednesday to get to Heathrow for the 6.20 flight to Madrid
Taxi from the airport to train station and then went to Seville via Cordoba and arrived at about 4pm, drop bag off at friends apartment then off to the game. D

Did the same journey in reverse after about 5 hours sleep and got home at 9 last night


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Drive 3.5 hours from Glasgow to Liverpool, flight to Alicante.
Then a Drive 6 hours to Seville (stayed a few nights).

Did the journey in reverse next day after the game but flew back to Liverpool via Majorca, then the 3.5 hour drive back up to Glasgow.

All I could get at short notice when I got a ticket through UEFA!

Plenty Bears on this route too :)


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First of all, a huge fucking well done to every single Bear who made the effort. Some of the routes were absolutely ridiculous and I hope to God that every single last Bear gets home safely.

We drove to Manchester then flew to Alicante. Drove to my mates place in Playa Flamenca. We got there and got to bed about 2am and got back up at 4.30am to set off for Seville on pretty much no sleep. 6 and a half hour drive to Seville, day in the sun, on to the game, then drove back to Playa Flamenca at about 7.30am - so it was a 27 hour shift on an hour or so of sleep the night before.

Back home now after a day chilling in Playa Flamenca yesterday, absolutely shattered but a brilliant experience.


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Still on route. 4 easyjet flights. 3 delays. 1 expensive taxi to follow when I get to Edinburgh.

And mine was one of the more straightforward routes


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Oh it was fucking tough especially getting in this morning.

My mate drove to Gatwick then flight to Malaga, 2 n a half hour bus journey then to Seville.

On way home 2 hour taxi drive straight from stadium to Malaga airport, 4 hour wait in airport to get flight to Paris which we just made the connection on to Gatwick, then a quick sleep at marriot at Gatwick airport then my mate stupidly drove up the road at 18:30, we stopped 5 times and with all the roadworks and m6 shut at one point we got home at back of 3 this morning, absolutely shattered.

Believe it or not the boy who drove us up is now back on it in the town at a birthday party at st judes :)):))


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London to Faro day before game

Game day Faro to Seville and back to Faro at 2am

following day Faro to Lisbon and flight back to London took 12 hours in total

Everything went to plan fortunately


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On Monday we flew Prestwick to Murcia stayed at my parents bit then flew from Alicante to Seville early Tuesday morning.

on the way back to we were getting a transfer form seville to faro in the early hours of Thursday morning and onto Bristol to drive home , however our transfer never turned up/cancelled on us we missed our flights from faro so had to hire a car from Seville drove 7 hours back to Murcia been Here since Thursday afternoon flight is tomorrow to Bristol hired another car and driving home.

One of our party went Thursday night to Valencia stayed a night there then onto Bristol the next day.

I’m absolutely exhausted.


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Waiting for a wee case that BA "tagged" at the gate because the flight was full, yet there was loads of overhead space.

I'm going to miss my train now and that'll be another hour later getting home.

Ayr - Glasgow Buchanan St - Manchester Airport - Madrid 2 nights - Seville 2 nights

Seville - Madrid 1 night - Heathrow (10 hours) - Glasgow - eventually Ayr


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Lucky living in London that I could just fly Luton - Malaga without worrying about any connecting flights or layovers etc.

Then travelled with the glassy buses from Malaga to Seville.

We only landed at Luton at 2.45am this morning and there were guys on that flight who were then having to get in the car and drive 6 and a bit hours up the road.

Gibraltar Loyal

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Rothesay ferry - Drive to Manchester- fly to Gibraltar- drive to Seville.
Return in reverse.
Left 6pm on Tuesday home 8pm on Thursday about 10 hours sleep in total over a 62 hour period.
Would do it all over again tomorrow


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Sport options put our trip together

Glasgow Faro Huelva then match day Huelva to Seville and back to Huelva to the biggest fucking hotel!

Then Huelva Faro Glasgow and a taxi home.


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Glasgow > Newcastle > Faro > Seville. Seville > Malaga > Manchester > Glasgow.

Absolutely gubbed today :))


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Still sitting in Geneva airport after a fire earlier meant loads of flights were cancelled or delayed. Fortunately mine just delayed a couple of hours.


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Our journey began Monday morning.

Houston - Newark - Lisbon - Faro.

Our flights from both Houston and Newark were delayed so we missed the train we had pre booked from Lisbon to Faro. We ended up ubering from Lisbon Airport to our Air BnB in Olhoa.

We travelled back from Faro to Lisbon on the 4pm train on Thursday afternoon and checked into the Star Inn hotel by Lisbon Airport for the night. Our flights home were;

Lisbon - Frankfurt - Houston.

Flight from Lisbon was 05:05 and was delayed which caused us to miss our connection to Houston. We were put on later flight which we’re currently still on and have about 2-1/2 hours to go.

My head is banging and I’m shattered but I would 100% do it all again. An unbelievable experience and it’s something I really want us to achieve and go one step better next time.


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Taxi Bishopton to Glasgow Airport
Glasgow Airport to Heathrow
Tube Heathrow to Earls Court
District Line to Wimbledon.
Overnight stay in Wimbledon.
Train Wimbledon to Clapham
Train Clapham to Gatwick.
Flight Gatwick to Malaga.
Train Malaga to Cordoba
Stay in Cordoba 3 nights (By myself)
Train Cordoba to Seville
Taxi to mates hotel
Two beers.
Walk to Stadium
Walkback from Stadium
Night in Seville.
Taxi to Seville train station
Train to Santa Justa train station
Train from Santa Justa to Cordoba
Train from Cordoba to Madrid
Flight from Madrid to Gatwick
Train from Gatwick to Clapham
Train from Clapham to Wimbledon
Stay in Wimbledon two nights
Flight to Glasgow
Taxi Glasgow Airport to Bishopton.

All for one hour having two beers with my mates. They were sat together. I was alone in neutral section with German fans.

It will live with me forever

Live Forever

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Prestwick to Malaga
Malaga to Seville by train next day

Woke up 9am match day.
Picked up about 1.30am after game straight to Malaga airport.
Flight to Manchester arrived around 10am.
Train to Glasgow arrived 2.40 and home for 3.20

No proper sleep for well over 24 hours.

Might go for a pint tomorrow before the game.

Sensible Head

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Started at glasgow airport.. flight was delayed but just about caught the belfast to gatwick flight a few didn't catch
there connection from Gatwick n had yo pay £300 .. them to Barcelona and a 8 hr wait for a flight to jerez.. then a train into seville .
Coming home seville astarius.. to gatwick and getting the 10-30 bus from Victoria bus station a 10 hr bus journey to Glasgow.. I will be very lucky to see the cup final yomorrow. I'm absolutely goosed and emotionally drained


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Well it’s still happening

Good journey to Seville. Drove to Bristol Airport on Tuesday, only 45 mins from home. Flew Bristol - Faro. Hire car to Seville, 2 hours, great drive.

Was supposed to fly back from Faro 22:20 last night. Plane delayed. Then cancelled at midnight. Easyjet eventually found us a hotel in Albufeira at about 2:30am. I’m still here and will be until Monday night, the first flight they can get me back to Bristol. As long as they keep paying for the hotel I’m good with this, it’s very nice actually.

I am currently on a solo holiday weekend by mistake :)) Will find a sports bar tomorrow to watch the cup final.


edinburgh - malaga - bus from Benalmadena to seville (back again 1am) 10 am flight from malaga - bristol - Glasgow. awake for basically 24 hours lol would do it all over again!


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Drive to Manchester-paris (missed connection) - malaga

Malaga - amsterdam(currently) (almost missed connection again) - manchester - drive up the road.

This trips taken about 5 years off my life nothing but stress from start to finish. Scunnered


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Left Sunday to go to Luton. Arrived Lisbon Monday night then drove to Altura.

Others arrived Tuesday.

Wednesday 6 of us drove over to Seville.

After the game back to Faro Airport to drop 2 off then back to villa.

Left Altura to travel to Lisbon for return flight. Arrived back in London this morning then drove home. Home at 8am.

El Jock Grande Sabia

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Monday flew from Glasgow - Birmingham, Birmingham - Ibiza, Ibiza - Malaga.
Hired a car & drove to Malaga on Wednesday morning. Stayed the night at a fellow Bears villa then drive back to Malaga on Thursday.

Today flew Malaga - Cork, Cork - Birmingham, Birmingham - Glasgow.

Not long in & knackered.


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Drove to Liverpool on Sunday night arriving early morning. Two hours to wait before security even opened :oops:

0630 flight to Malaga
Uber to hotel, arrived in Torremolinos at 1145 - room ready much to our surprise and delight.

On Wednesday we picked up our hire car at 1000. Seven seater, 2.5 hours to Seville. Got to car park with no dramas whatsoever.

Arrived at Alameda de Hercules at about 1 o'clock. Found a table in Gigante Bar, right at the start of the Fanzone. Sat there all afternoon, taking wee turns of going out to experience the atmosphere, then returning to the air conditioning.

After the game walked back to the car, got straight back on to the motorway and back with no problems. Arrived back at our hotel about 04.45.

Flight from Malaga to Liverpool yesterday at 1655

Drive back home, arriving at about 0100 this morning.

Nightshift tonight :eek:

Apart from the result and stadium experience, our trip could not have gone any better.

We had my pals 9 year old granddaughter with us, and we've created memories that will last long after we've gone.

The bears we met and interacted with, both in Seville and Malaga were an absolute credit to the club. Any German fans we met were also a credit to their club, and were very complimentary of Rangers and our fans.

10/10 - would follow follow again :))

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Wednesday left Malaga at 7am to go to Fenguirola where we stood waiting on a bus that never appeared.

Train back to Malaga for an Uber that cost £200 and got us to Seville about 1ish.

it was a 1 hour walk from the stadium after the game to the bus park for a bus was adamant was leaving at 1 whether you were on it or not.

the bus never left till 2am, we got to Malaga at 5, got to the apartment picked our bags up and went to the airport got in at 5.30 for a 6 am flight and made it some how.

We’ve from Malaga-Geneva Geneva-Luton Luton-Edinburgh and the bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow and got in about 7pm last night.

Was absolutely shattered, one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done only to come on here and find out me and my 11 year son weren’t singing loud enough for it to be heard over the German fans on the tele.
I was direct from seville, but mate of mine had got back from seville-madrid-palma-leeds at 2am, went to work this morning and now his missus is dragging him to a wedding tonight lmao


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Tuesday edin/Amsterdam Wednesday morning Amsterdam/malaga bus to seville return today malaga/geneva/Manchester train not long in .


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Drove to Leeds from Glasgow on Tuesday. Flew to Palma then a mad dash to meet our connection to Madrid. Overnight in Madrid, 7am train to Seville.

Mid day train back to Madrid via a 2 hour stop in Cordoba, then the same route via Palma back to Leeds. Finally got back to Glasgow at 4am this morning.

Big shout out to everyone we met along the way, some outstanding laughs on that trip.


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Edinburgh - Palma (Magaluf for the night)
Palma - Jerez
Jerez - Sevilla & back after game
Jerez - Granada (taxi)
Granada - Paris Orly
Paris Orly - Edinburgh
Got in this morning at 8am fu****

Royal Burgh Bear

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Approx 5 hour drive Rutherglen > East Midlands airport for flight out to Faro, Portugal on Sunday and stayed in Albufeira.

Hired a 9 seater and son-in-law drove approx 2 1/2 hours on Wednesday morning to Seville for game.

Walked about an hour from Stadium to car park after game.
Then 2 1/2 hour drive back to hotel in Albufeira.
Got back to hotel 3.30am
Up at 5.30am to drive to airport for 9.50am flight to East Midlands.
Approx 5 hour drive home to Rutherglen
In house just after 8pm last night.

Drove 4 countries in 1 day.

Worth every minute.
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Monday 17:30 - Train from Glasgow to Crewe

Monday 21:40 - Train from Crewe to Derby

Monday 22:50 - Taxi from Derby to East Midlands airport travelodge (taxi driver got lost on the way there)

Monday 23:50 - Slept for 3 hours in the travel lodge

Tuesday 04:00 - arrived at EML airport, was packed with Rangers fans having a brilliant time.

Tuesday 07:05 - 09:30ish - arrived at Mahon Airport in Menorca. Roof top bar also packed with Rangers fans having a cracking time.

Tuesday 14:00ish - 15:00ish - flew from Menorca to Madrid, Madrid airport is humongous and has the biggest concentration of the most uphelpful people on earth. I’m sure part of the hiring process is a test to ensure you are prick to the general public.

Tuesday 20:00ish - 21:00ish - fly from Madrid to Seville, some buzz!

Tuesday 21:30 - find out our diggs have fallen through and we have no where to go.

Tuesday 21:31 - decide that the best way to solve this issue is to go to a pub and get pished again.

Tuesday 23:45 - get a hotel for 5, turns out to be great and a bargain for £275.

24 hours solid, finally get a kip and shower.


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Glasgow-bristol-Madrid-Cordoba(night before game) -Seville for game then back to Cordoba for the night- Madrid yesterday morning for the day then back to Bristol last night spent the night there up the road late afternoon today. Flight up the road got delayed about an hour coming home from Bristol there.


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Booked after the Braga home game so it was all pretty straight forward. Direct flights Edinburgh - Faro. Tue - Fri

Tuesday night in Faro, which was bouncing. We had booked onto a bus but, subsequently found out it wasn't leaving until 11.30 as they had to wait on guys arriving that morning. My brother's work mate was staying in Tavira and was driving so, we got the train to him for 3euro in the morning and arrived in Seville at 12.30.
Ended up just going back in the car too.

Other than the usual delays you face at airports our travel wasn't really much different to what I normally encounter. In fact it was a dream compared to my return from Leipzig. Feel for those who are massively out of pocket and/or were messed about.


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Simple really. Left the house at 4am on Wednesday morning. Glasgow to Seville. Arrived at about 2pm in the city centre.

Arrived back at the airport at about 0130 on Thursday morning and left seville airport at about 5am.

Home and sleeping for about 0830.

Still burst.


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Monday - 9am train Edinburgh to London, train across London to Gatwick, flight from Gatwick to Malaga, taxi to hotel in Torremolinos arriving 2am.

Tuesday - Cocos for a few

Wed - drove a hire car (Fiat 500) to Seville, parked in Triana, partied in Alameda before heading to Cartuja. Couple of hours before kick off will live long in the memory. Post match 1 hour walk to the car then drove back to Torremolinos arriving just before 4 am.

Thu - drinking along the beach all day.

Fri - up at 3am to get sorted with a taxi to the airport for 4am. Flight from Malaga to Gatwick at 6am. Hung about Kings Cross for 3 hours waiting for the 1200 train back up to Edinburgh. Taxi back home, feeling burst but what a few days.


Flew Edinburgh - Marrakech - Seville. 8 hours in Marrakech, it was an experience but I wouldn't rush back!

Coming home - 3 hour train to Malaga then flew to Paris then back to Edinburgh.

Met Brian Laudrup in Malaga Airport on the way back, couldn't believe it!


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Monday drive from Glasgow to Manchester

Tuesday flights from Manchester to London to Madrid followed by train from Madrid to Malaga.

Wednesday in and out of Seville on Glaswegian bus.

Thursday train back to Madrid and an uber out to the airport.
Flight from Madrid to Brussels delayed a couple of hours meaning we were missing our connection, but the connection was delayed meaning we had to leg it from arrival to departure for flight back to Manchester and car back up the road.

Left Glasgow at 16.30 Monday
Returned to Glasgow 04.00 Friday

Gardy Loyal

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Gatwick - Vienna late Monday night, few hours Kip then Vienna - Malaga.

Stayed in Benalmadena Tuesday then busses to Seville on Wed.

Spent a couple more days in Malaga so just on the Thameslink train from Luton Airport to my gaff right now.

Buzzing for my bed, 1 hour to go !


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Out: Monday Crookston to Glasgow Central for 20:06 train

Central to Manchester
Train then has to wait for a conductor at Lancaster i think so everyone bails on other train and we arrive at Piccadilly 30 mins lte.
Great bus journey to Manchester airport and arrive well after midnight wher we try and sleep on the floor somewhere.

Tuesday: Manchester to Faro 06:30.

Tuesday in Faro: some rays during day and fantastic sash bash at night.

Wednesday: car hire Faro to Seville and arrive 14:15
In: Seville to Faro after match. Arrived 02:15. Nap in car until we handed it back @ 04:00

Faro-Basel 06:00 and a 6 hour wait so bus into Basel for some sightseeing and food.
Return to Basel to find flight to Manchester delayed meaning we might miss train home.

Flight takes off late to Manchester but makes up time and we make 19:06 train to Glasgow with 1 minute to spare.
(memo to self and wife: 56years old are no longer made for running to catch trains through an airport!!!)

Arrive Glasgow 22:50 and son takes us home.


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To Seville:

Drive to Gatwick
Fly Madrid
Train Madrid to Sevile.


Train to Jerez
Fly Jerez to Brussels
Fly Brussels to Heathrow

As missed train home i had to then:

Bus Heathrow to London Victoria

Wait 5 hours

Megabus London to Glasgow.

Took 25 hours to get home. In at 8am this morning and work laptop on at 8.30.

All for the love of Glasgow Rangers


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We left Cambuslang on Sunday night at 8 o'clock, drove to Dover,got the 4am sailing to Dunkirk then drove to the Spanish border then booked into a hotel for the night,then drove to a wee town about 2 hours from Seville Called Merida where we were booked into Friday morning,we drove down to Seville on Wednesday morning then back to Merida after the game,we decided to leave a day early and left lunchtime Thursday,just arrived back home absolutely shattered after driving to calais to catch the 10.30 sailing this morning,then back to Cambuslang.WE WILL FOLLOW ON.
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Drove to Liverpool on Tuesday. Flew to Geneva had 7 hours there then flew to Malaga. Frankfurt fan got booted off plane before we left.

Then bus from benalmadena upto Seville and bus back after game u got into apartment at 5am.

Flew Malaga to Amsterdam today. Flight onto Liverpool was delayed due to weather.

Now sitting in car driving up the road.

Worth it for the memories though

The Fat Xavi

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Tue night Edi - Milan
Wed morn Milan - Madrid
Wed afternoon Madrid to Seville train
Thu morn Seville to Madrid train
Thu afternoon Madrid - Marseille
Then Marseille to Edinburgh

Only one delay of around an hour, rest went smoothly.

And 3 days travel with no digs went as well as it could have too.


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Change my plans/flights 3 times, but finally home tonight and ready for tomorrow. I started as follows:

Sunday to Monday
Flight from San Francisco to Heathrow
Dropped large luggage at Premier inn T5 for 5 days
Flight from Heathrow to Valencia
Flight from Valencia to Malaga arriving just before mid-night
Taxi to Benalmadena

Game day
Bus to Seville arriving about 1.30PM
Bus to Benalmadena arriving about 5am due to delays with our buses

Thursday evening

Taxi to Malaga
Flight from Malaga to Madrid
Overnight in Madrid

Flight from Madrid to London Heathrow arriving 8.25am
Back to Premier In. To pick up luggage
Heathrow Express to Piccadilly
Subways to London City (6 hour wait at airport)
London City to Glasgow
Taxi home to Cumbernauld arriving at 9pm

Knackered and my feet are gowping!